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POLITICS – HK’s ‘Last Governor’ Mobbed as ‘Fans’ Blare British National Anthem 9

‘God Save the Queen’ was blaring at the Central waterfront last night as the last British governor of Hong Kong, Chris Patten, was mobbed by emotional ‘fans’ wielding colonial flags…

The surreal welcoming committee was organised online by anti-government groups who use the colonial flag as a tool of protest.¬†Shouting ‘we love you’ and ‘we miss you’, they handed a letter to Patten detailing how they believe the Basic Law has been violated since the 1997 Handover.

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via Apple Daily

PHOTOGRAPHY – Kris Vervaeke’s Supernatural Shots of HK’s Fortune Tellers 1

Award-winning Belgian photographer Kris Vervaeke presents a new series of photographs documenting Hong Kong’s fortune teller shops. More than 100 tiny shops line an alley behind a Taoist temple. Their commercial uniformity of each office contrasts with the colourful, spiritual tradition. Vervaeke is publishing a photobook soon – in the meantime, you can view more of his Hong Kong work on his portfolio here.