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ACTIVISM – HK’s Luxury Malls Mistreating Their Staff? Join the Mini-Campaign

IFC, Elements and Hysan Place are mistreating their lowly-paid employees. An SCMP report showed how bathroom attendants are banned from sitting or leaning against walls during their 12-hour shifts, 6 days a week. Many workers are elderly, are not paid during breaks and receive a meagre wage of HK$30 per hour (the legal minimum – HK$11,000 per month).

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Staff reported health issues and complained of being reprimanded if they do not keep a straight posture – even when no customers are around. A campaigner on the issue, Luke Ching Chin-wai, said that companies were prioritising profit over people:“…companies value a so-called professional image more than workers’ well-being.” Mr Ching successfully persuaded museums to provide seats for guards.

Quotes from bathroom attendants.

Quotes from bathroom attendants.

Multi-billion luxury malls can afford to provide seating and a liveable wage to their staff. Share this page and spend 10 minutes to join Hong Wrong’s mini-campaign below to make it happen. What may seem like a small issue adds up to a winnable, worthwhile cause that will make a world of difference to these employees.