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HISTORY – Newly Restored Old Hong Kong Newsreels: Part 1, Refugees 8

The news and film archive British Pathé have uploaded a number of short, revealing old newsreels related to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Newsreel Clips

In this first video from 1962, refugees fleeing the famine in the mainland are turned back from British Hong Kong. Sympathetic locals line the streets throwing food parcels into departing trucks destined for the border. (Click here for photos from the same year).

POLITICS – Elizabeth Quat: The Hong Kong Politician With 3 “Fake” Degrees 4

A governance activist has revealed how Elizabeth Quat 葛珮帆博士, a Justice of Peace and politician for the pro-Beijing DAB party obtained her three ‘degrees’ from an apparently dodgy ‘diploma mill‘ university. Quat is a member of several corporate and government boards but claims to have obtained a degree, masters and PhD from “Greenwich University, Hawaii” (not to be confused with Britain’s legitimate University of Greenwich).

Elizabeth Quat

Elizabeth Quat flying in the face of controversy

A diploma mill is an an unaccredited higher education institution offering fake qualifications for a fee. Incorporated in 1990, Greenwich University (which moved to Norfolk Island in 1998) never received accreditation from any recognised American body and was seemingly run from incredibly modest headquarters…

BLOG – Pillow Fight Day Part 2: The Aftermath – Heroes & Villains 3

After hundreds gathered for Hong Kong’s biggest ever International Pillow Fight Day, a dedicated group of community-minded competitors remained on site for over an hour, clearing Chater Garden of the feathery aftermath… (Click here for Part 1: Photos & Coverage.)

Long-suffering onlookers from the Leisure and Cultural Services Department assisted with water and brushes after watching the flash-mob wreck havoc on their patch.

via Nathan Tsui

via Nathan Tsui

PHOTOGRAPHY – Pillow Fight Day Part 1: Coverage & Photos of HK’s Biggest Yet 3

Around 500 Hong Kongers unleashed a furiously frivolous feathery fury upon random strangers in Chater Garden last Saturday. (Click here for Part 2: The Aftermath.)

Hong Kong Pillow Fight Day

via Oriental Daily

It was the biggest ever Hong Wrong ‘International Pillow Fight Day’ yet.


Handsome ringmaster, Tom Grundy, begins the countdown, via Ignacio Virgen

Kids fought on the sidelines in an internationally synchronised day of community love and global unity…

Pillow Fight kids

Fun for all ages, via Divya Rao

Dozens also turned up in colourful costumes…

China News

via China News

There was even live music this year, courtesy of a friendly bagpiping duo…

BLOG – Literal Translations of Hong Kong’s MTR Stations 16

Blogger Justin Moe has attempted to translate all of Hong Kong’s MTR station names literally from Chinese to English. Click the image below to enlarge.

MTR Stations literal tranlsations

Click to enlarge – Literal MTR station names.

‘Lost in Mong Kok’ blog attempted more crude ‘direct’ translation of station names last year. Click to enlarge.

HELPERS – Police & Indonesian Consulate Detain Erwiana Upon Return to HK 16

Update: “Shocking” Actions by HK Authorities a “Conflict of Interests” says Lawyer.

Erwiana, the Indonesian helper who was allegedly tortured for 8-months by her Hong Kong employer, has been taken against her wishes to the Indonesian consulate after returning to the city this afternoon. Erwiana is visiting Hong Kong for a medical report related to her case. Last week, she accepted an offer of secure accommodation from the NGOs who have been assisting her. She initially resisted police efforts to take her to the consulate but was separated from her father and complied with the Hong Kong authorities after they threatened to deport her.

Eman at Hong Kong Airport

Eman and Sringatin from the Justice Committee speaks to journalists, via SCMP’s @JoannaChiu on Twitter

There were tense scenes and a heavy police presence as Justice for Erwiana Committee members gathered to greet her at the airport chanting “shame on the Indonesian authorities“. As a free, Indonesian citizen, who is not under investigation, Erwiana would normally be entitled to visit the city as a tourist for 30 days.

Activists, reporters and police gathered in Causeway Bay at the Indonesian consulate, where Erwiana arrived just before 6pm.

EVENT – 4th Hong Kong International Pillow Fight Day, April 5th (a Public Hol!)

iPv5XVpl.jpg (640×236)

Prithee once more, we shall unleash our cushiony wrath in a ferocious feathery frenzy! For lo – with great vehemence and spirited fury – we shall prepare our fleecy headrests and pronounce: “You can take our freedom, but you cannot take our pillows!” plays host to Hong Kong’s biggest annual flashmob.


2014 marks the Fourth International Pillow Fight Day – the biggest yet, held on April 5th, 4pm at Chater Garden, Central.

PqzDEbYl.png (640×304)

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