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VIDEO – “Guy Steals Girl From Chinese Guy” Viral Video Enrages HK Netizens 18

A viral video shot in Lan Kwai Fong by self-declared ‘professional pick-up artist’ David ‘Bond‘ is causing a colossal storm on Hong Kong’s popular Golden Forum. In the cringe-inducing clip entitled ‘Guy Steals Girl From Chinese Guy‘, ‘Bond’ encourages a friend to ‘steal’ a local girl from another guy, who stands oddly motionless as the sorry ‘trumping’ unfolds. The video has been watched over a million times and attracted equal disapproval on Reddit.

The women involved were subsequently ‘human flesh searched’ and their names/photos appeared on several Facebook groups and pages. With pitchforks primed, netizens were also able to find out the real name and birthplace of ‘Bond’.

POLITICS – The Authorities Fear Occupy Central… Because It Will Work

Occupy Central with Peace and LoveOccupy Central with Love and Peace’ (unrelated to the ‘Occupy Wall St’) is a proposal by pro-democracy activists to take over Central as a non-violent ‘last resort’ measure to demand one-person-one-vote. The idea was popularised last year after leaders in Beijing stated that any future HK leader must pledge to ‘love both the country and Hong Kong’. By March 2014, China had ruled out full democracy stating that citizens will not be able to choose candidates.

The article below is adapted from a Op-ed by Hong Wrong featured in the Ming Pao over the weekend (original English version here).

Only in Hong Kong could one spend 18 months debating a protest. This is Protest City where there are hundreds each year, on every topic, often with accompanying counter-protests and protests to counter those counter-protests. They are usually formulaic but they come in all sizes. Some are angry, some are solemn; some take the form of hurling hell money or fruit around LegCo whilst others involve of thousands of Hong Kongers surrounding government headquarters forcing leaders to pay attention. One thing, however, that unites post-colonial protest culture is how consistently peaceful such gatherings are. Having witnessed the city’s strong tradition of nonviolent dissent from the frontlines over the past 9 years, it is obvious that Occupy Central should be no different. For people such as C. K. Chow, chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, to suggest otherwise amounts to alarmist hysteria.

Occupy Central organisers, Hong Kong

Occupy Central organisers, Reverend Chu Yiu-ming, Dr Benny Tai Yiu-ting, and Chan Kin-man.

NEWS – Financier Behind New HK Newspaper Detained in the Mainland 2

On Friday, authorities in the mainland detained a leading financier of a new  media outlet in the city, Hong Kong Morning News. Kuai Cheyuan is the director of the Hong Kong & Macau Development Strategy Research Centre and is understood to be bankrolling the yet-to-launch newspaper. He is now under investigation after being arrested by officials at the border.

In March, the two local journalists in charge of the start-up were hospitalised following an attack by four masked men wielding metal pipes in Tsim Sha Tsui. Friday’s arrest serves to discredit claims that the attack was unrelated to Hong Kong’s declining press freedom.

blY2Gmx.jpg (900×466)

The Morning News recently ran into financial difficulties with many staff members temporarily laid off until mid-June at the earliest.

ART – Guide to Hong Kong Art Week 2014

Below is a breakdown of the best art events happening around Hong Kong this week.

Guide to Hong Kong Art Week 2014

Art Basel

Hong Kong Art Week 2014

Over 181 local and international galleries will be presenting works around 34,782m² of exhibition space in Wanchai. The huge annual art fair has become centrepiece for what has grown into an unofficial city-wide ‘Art Week’. Click here for a Hong Wrong preview.

  • Dates: Thursday, 15th until Sunday 18th.
  • Place: Wanchai Exhibition Centre, Harbour Road, Wanchai.
  • Entry: From HK$250 via HK Ticketing.
  • Google mapClick here.
  • WebsiteClick here.