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“NEWS” – New Hong Kong Racial Harmony Worksheet Emerges 10

It's satire, morons

It’s satire, morons

Breaking News Bullshit from the Hong Wrong Sub-Standard: The Sub-Standard has obtained a sample of another Hong Kong government approved worksheet. The multicultural studies task below comes hours after a picture of a questionable primary 4 ‘racial harmony’ activity went viral amongst local netizens.

Racist worksheet parody

BLOG – Hong Kong Textbook Tells You to ‘Know Your Place!’ 71

Racist textbookIn case you were wondering about your destiny in Hong Kong, a primary school textbook is here to enlighten you with this fun ‘fill-in-the-blank’ task entitled ‘racial harmony’! The photograph below is going viral amongst parenting, Filipino and teacher forums online and is from the ‘New General Studies P3‘ textbook (Book 6) – ‘Living in Hong Kong’ chapter, published by¬†Educational Publishing House Ltd.

h/t Sherin.