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NEWS – Pro-Beijing Group to Rally in SUPPORT of Tiananmen Massacre 5

Patrick Ko Tat-bun, convenor of the pro-Beijing Voice of Loving Hong Kong group has said his group will stage its own rally at tonight’s Tiananmen massacre candlelit vigil in Victoria Park. The group is calling upon Hong Kongers to “forgive and forget“, claiming the crackdown was a wise decision to “maintain national security and restore social order“. It is the first time in the event’s history that such a counter-rally has been staged. The controversial group will show a video questioning the student movement – the film is said to include footage of students peacefully leaving Tiananmen Square.

Patrick Ko, Voice of Loving Hong Kong

Images via ‘The Simpsons’ and SCMP.

Meanwhile, committee member Roxy Yuen Lok- sze stated that: “…no one died in Tiananmen Square, but in other places.” Ko told the blog that this was not his opinion but he’s seen data that shows there were no deaths in the square, only in surrounding areas. He said he knew many Hong Kongers will disagree but the Chinese government had “no better methods” when the army were sent in…

“NEWS” – China Apologises Unreservedly to Tiananmen Victims; Offers Compensation 14

Sub-Standard satire

It’s satire, morons.

Breaking ‘News’ bullshit from the Hong Wrong Sub-Standard: In a move that has sent shockwaves throughout the Communist Party, Chinese premier Xi Jinping has apologised unreservedly for his party’s brutal massacre of peaceful protesters 25 years ago today. Admitting that transparency and full accountability for the Party’s wrongdoings were long overdue, he promised to set up a 50 million renminbi ‘Tiananmen Victims Fund’ to fully compensate survivors and families of the dead. A full inquiry will be held with dozens of political prisoners – some held for over two decades – set to be released with immediate effect.

After a quarter of a century, Xi claimed that it was time China’s leaders faced up to the bloody history it had spent years trying to suppress and re-write. He said that it was time for reconciliation and an opportunity for the Chinese leadership to win some legitimacy and respect on the world stage. Xi vindicated the students, workers and intellectuals who filled Tiananmen Square on June 4th, 1989, declaring that their actions spurred China’s ‘economic miracle’, as it encouraged government to move away from trying to control its populace and instead focus on building an economically open and prosperous society.

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Xi stands beside a replica of the ‘Goddess of Democracy’, originally erected by Tiananmen protesters in 1989.