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NEWS – A Record 180,000+ Attend Tiananmen Vigil in Hong Kong 2

Organisers say over 180,000 Hong Kongers gathered this evening in Victoria Park and to commemorate the victims of the Tiananmen Square massacre.

via Vincent Yu, AP

via Vincent Yu, AP

Tiananmen vigil 2014

Despite the humid weather, it was a record turnout as attendees, listened to speeches, sang songs, watched videos of people recalling their experiences and took part in a moment’s silence to remember the dead. Wearing black and holding candles, they filled six soccer pitches.

NEWS – Publisher Defends Its ‘Offensive’ Textbook as Gov Apology Demanded 1

As Hong Wrong’s post about a controversial Hong Kong textbook went viral, the publisher,¬†Educational Publishing House,¬†finally responds in defence of its content.

In a statement obtained by the Apple Daily &¬†SCMP, the publishers claimed the textbooks’ theme was “racial harmony” and that the examples were relevant: “If anyone suspects the textbook is discriminating against Filipinos, it would only be the individual’s personal view.”

Educational Publishing House