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NEWS – CY Leung’s Wife Patron of Group Behind Anti-Democracy Ad in SCMP

CY Leung’s wife, Regina Leung Tong Ching-yee, is an honorary patron of the Hong Kong Federation of Women – a group which placed an inflammatory statement against the city’s democracy movement in the South China Morning Post last week. Concerns were raised today after the discrepancy was spotted on social media.

Regina Leung

Screenshot from the Hong Kong Federation of Women website

On the website, the group claims to be “a non-profit making and non-political organisation”, despite the cryptic advertisement which warns readers to ‘think of the children’. Last year, Mrs Leung stepped down as patron of a charitable NGO named ‘Food For Good’ due to a conflict of interest. She is also under pressure from Vision First, a local refugee NGO, to step down as patron of the ‘International Social Service’ (ISS) due to a conflict. The group, which has a contract with the government to care for asylum seekers, is under scrutiny for apparently housing refugees in slum-like conditions and providing inadequate rations.