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INTERVIEW – Benny Tai Says Citizens May Elect Their Own Leader in 2017 if Occupy Fails

No Filter interviewIn an interview with Hong Wrong & Francis Moriarty yesterday, Occupy Central organiser Benny Tai reacted to news that Beijing will not allow open elections in Hong Kong and revealed that Hong Kongers may be invited to vote in an unofficial ‘parallel’ election in 2017.

Should the civil disobedience movement fail and Beijing remain unwilling to budge on the issue of universal suffrage, Tai said that a ‘shadow’ chief executive may be chosen by citizens. The referendum infrastructure previously used in an earlier unofficial poll on democracy would be used to elect a popular leaders. Their chosen leader would hold no power and voters may be invited to boycott the official election.

Tai also admitted that those who partake in the upcoming civil disobedience activities risk arrest. Protests, rallies and class boycotts are planned by the pro-democracy movement over the coming days and weeks.