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BLOG – Creative Hong Kongers Flood Student Strike ‘Snitch’ Hotline With Prank Calls 2

Creative Hong Kongers have been flooding the student ‘snitch’ hotline with prank calls. The hotline number has appeared on local forums and social media with netizens claiming it is for fast food delivery, for iPhone 6 pre-orders or the number for a suicide prevention helpline.

Robert Chow's 'snitch' hotline

via RTHK

Some pranksters have used Android redial apps and forwarding services to ensure the number is constantly engaged, whilst one caller reported a student named ‘Harry Porter’.

Apple Daily reports that some 2000 voice messages were received within first few hours of the number being announced. Chow has since contacted police saying the flood of calls was “more terrifying than ‘white terror'”. 

iPhone 6 Pre-order line

Via Golden Forum

On Monday, the pro-government Alliance for Peace and Democracy set up the hotline to discourage students from ‘breaking the law’, despite the fact that class boycotts are not illegal.

EVENT – ‘Black Cloth March’ for Democracy this Sunday, 3pm

The conveners of Occupy Central, pan-democrats, local civic organisations and regular citizens and volunteers are set to march from Causeway Bay to Central this Sunday in protest of the restrictive model for universal suffrage Beijing has proposed for Hong Kong.

Students across the city have pledged to wear yellow ribbons in school.

Demonstrators have been invited to “to tell the world how Hong Kong people have been betrayed” by wearing black and wearing yellow ribbons for universal suffrage.

“Thirty years ago, the Chinese Central Government promised Hong Kong “one country, two systems” and “high degree of autonomy”. Those promises have never been fulfilled and democracy in Hong Kong is stifled. Students in those days have their hair turned grey already while students today are going on strike and united in their fight for democracy. The whole city is united in its fight for democracy.” – Occupy Central statement.

Occupy Central organisers – Rev. Chu Yiu-ming, Dr Benny Tai and Chan Kin-man – will speak alongside democracy icon Martin Lee at the start of the rally.

MEDIA WATCH – Did Reuters Get Lost in Translation Over Official Quote? 1

Media Watch Hong Kong

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Scroll to the bottom for responses from Reuters & the China Liaison Office.

Reuters apparently scored quite a scoop yesterday when it quoted an official offering up what amounts to a death threat against a local pro-democracy figure…

Reuters. Quote via Reuters.

Quote via Reuters. Quote via Reuters. Quote via Reuters.