Daily Archives: September 18, 2014

VIDEO – ‘Some May Welcome 6/4-Style Crackdown on HK’ says China Uncensored 2

In this latest episode of the Middle Kingdom’s answer to The Daily Show, China Uncensored, Chris Chappell shares a theory that Jiang Zemin loyalists in China’s Communist Party want to see a sequel to the Tiananmen crackdown unfold in Hong Kong…

NEWS – Pro-Occupy Professionals Urge China: “Don’t Stage a Tiananmen Crackdown” 2

The Occupy Central with Love and Peace Finance & Banking Group have placed large ads in today’s International New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

q5zXZu7.jpg (800×600)

The open letters to Premier Xi Jinping call upon Beijing to honour the One Country, Two Systems agreement, urging him not stage a “Tiananmen crackdown” in Hong Kong.

BLOG – Shut Up and Take My Money #10

The Japanese inventors of this new health gadget insist that you need to regularly exercise your face with an overpriced wobbly spanking paddle to prevent it sagging. Currently being advertised at an MTR station near you, fitness freaks will be relieved to learn that the ‘Facial Fitness Pao‘ is finally available in Hong Kong.

Facial fitness

Definitely not bullshit

Who knew that jamming a HK$990 propeller into your cake hole every day for 30 seconds would restore “youthful expressions that brim with confidence”? This promotional video proves its effectiveness because science and graphs…