Daily Archives: September 23, 2014

PHOTOGRAPHY – Shots from Tamar as Student Strikers Gather at Gov’t HQ

A local photographer who goes by the pseudonym ‘Cloud‘ shares pictures from today’s student rally with the blog.

Hundreds gathered at government headquarters in Admiralty as part of a week-long student ‘strike’ for universal suffrage. As of Tuesday evening, some are saying they will remain on site over night.

MEDIA WATCH – HK Press Fail to Declare Conflicts as Tycoon Owners Meet President Xi 1

Media Watch Hong KongToday’s newspapers are leading with news of how Hong Kong’s wealthy elite are meeting with President Xi Jinping to discuss the city’s political development. Amongst the tycoons being wined and dined in Beijing are the city’s top media owners. However, The Standard, South China Morning Post and Economic Journal would be awarded ‘F’ grades in their Journalistic Ethics 101 classes having failed to declare their conflicts of interest.

The Standard included an editorial and two fluffy news pieces about Xi’s charm offensive. Sing Tao Corporation chair Charles Ho Tsu Kwok was treated to a boxed text to voice his pro-establishment views, yet at no point did any of the four features clarify that The Standard is owned by Sing Tao.

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