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BLOG – Why Pro-Democracy Occupiers Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Counter-Protesters

In recent days, wherever ‘anti-Occupy’ protesters have appeared, pro-democracy activists have chased them away with renditions of the ‘Happy Birthday’ song.

Sirius Lee (his real name), who is in charge of the phone recharging centre at the Admiralty protest camp, told Hong Wrong that when his team was heckled by a counter-protester in a face mask, they all loudly sang ‘sàangyaht faailohk’. “It is one of our strategies to confuse those people,” Lee said.

Sirius Lee

This effort to embarrass and disorientate the enemy seems to have a positive effect. Last night, dozens of ‘blue ribbon’ counter-demonstrators retreated from the Admiralty protest camp amidst a chorus of birthday wishes and heckles of “how much were you paid?”

BLOG – CY Leung Gifted Another Escape Route with Potential Scandal on Horizon 15

An investigation by Fairfax Media revealed today that CY Leung has received almost £4 million (HK$50 million) in secret payments from an Australian company.

CY Leung DTZ Corruption?

The payments were made in 2012 and 2013, whilst Leung was chief executive, though the arrangement was agreed upon before he took office.

The money was a result of a deal made with a company called UGL, which purchased an insolvent British property firm called DTZ Holdings.