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BLOG – Companies Trying to Sue Occupiers Have Corporate Votes in HK Elections

Two transport associations who issued court injunctions against Occupy protesters yesterday are allowed a vote to select Hong Kong election candidates. The Taxi Drivers & Operators Association and the Kowloon Public Light Bus Chiu Chow Traders & Workers Friendly Association have corporate votes under the city’s convoluted ‘Functional Constituencies’ election model.

DsmKSpI.jpg (897×542)

Transport sector functional constituency listing, via Webb-Site.com

This system allows for industrial, commercial, financial and other sectors to have thousands of votes that – in real democracies – would be assigned to people. 

VIDEO – Smoking Gun: Police Blindly Beat Peaceful Protesters With Batons

Footage has emerged of police using batons against protesters on Friday who were not posing a threat. A video clip uploaded to Facebook today shows police in Mong Kok – under the supervision of Superintendent Paul Renouf – unfurling red warning banners stating “stop charging or we will use force”. Protesters – some huddled behind umbrellas – had their hands up and were not charging police lines.

More footage of police misbehaviour on Friday and Saturday can be viewed here. Photos here.

PHOTOGRAPHY – Life in the Gutter of Asia’s World City

As CY Leung declares ‘let them eat cake‘, 1,200 Hong Kongers are about to face another night on the streets this evening…

Charlie Eady is a photographer from London who has lived in Kowloon for the past four years. During that time, he has been working in the private sector and for a British charity. See his full portfolio here.