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NEWS – Climbers Unfurl Huge Pro-Democracy Banner on Lion Rock (Part 1/2) 6

Viewable for miles around, a huge yellow banner reading “I want genuine universal suffrage” has been hung upon Lion Rock. A group of climbers known as ‘The Hong Kong Spidie’ unfurled the 6mx28m banner earlier today. See part 2, here.

lion rock banner

via waihonso on Flickr

The groups says that, through its action, it “aims to redefine the beauty of the ‘Spirit of Hong Kong people’ – not merely shown in the city’s economic growth but in the recent Umbrella Movement to demand for democracy and universal suffrage.”

HELPERS – Domestic Workers Share Their Thoughts on Occupy Central

A cross-post from our sister site, HK Helpers Campaign.

HK Helpers Campaign volunteers Meredith McBride & Vivian Yan spoke to some of the city’s domestic worker community about the Umbrella Movement occupation protests.

Catherine, from the Philippines, has been living in Hong Kong for 3 years.

“The protesters want this fight and are against China. Maybe they can help us to make… law[s] in favour of the domestic workers? Maybe for me, I am in favour of the protesters because they really fight for their rights, for their democracy.  They make a lot of sacrifices so I hope they win.”