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MUSIC – Clockenflap 2014: The Full Weekend in Review

Festival review by guest writer Carla Thomas.

“Picture yourself in a boat on a river/With tangerine trees and marmalade skies…” And with that bizarrely sedative tune, the Flaming Lips’ cover of Lucy in The Sky with Diamonds was the psychedelic swan song that brought Clockenflap 2014 to a surreal close.

The three-day arts and music festival, arguably Hong Kong’s premier annual music event, expected to see record numbers of festival-goers this year. The turnout was undoubtedly boosted by high-profile acts like Kool & The Gang and Tenacious D.

Friday night was all about letting Glasgow flourish, as both synthpop darlings Chrvches and post-rock heavyweights Mogwai performed impressive sets at the Harbourflap main stage (though the cringe factor was strong as Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry’s made the baffling decision to address the Hong Kongese crowd in Mandarin). It was The Vaccines’ infectiously high-energy indie rock blowout at Replay stage that earned the prize of best atmosphere of the night, or at the very least, sweatiest.

BLOG – Those Who Oppose Occupy Must Embrace Truth & Reason 1

‘Wind Mills Caught in a Storm’ –  analysis by Evan Fowler

Occupy has politicised Hong Kong people. For a movement espousing the democratic ideal and fighting for democratic reform this is not a bad thing. Neither is it for the people of a city who may question the protesters’ tactics but not their political leaning. It’s sometimes easy to forget that the anti-occupy Alliance proclaims to stand for democracy as well as peace.

Hong Kong politics has become more polarised. However, this is not because of occupy alone. The protests may have created a situation, but it is the reaction and the politics behind it that has widened the divide. This political division, and the protagonist and antagonist that tread the political stage, each appealing ever more loudly to the audience, have brought the politics of division to the street.

In the fight for public opinion one of the core values of Hong Kong was an early victim: honesty.

BLOG – Big Pictures: Occupy Admiralty’s Longest Night 1

Occupiers at the main Admiralty protest camp have been recovering, regrouping and resting following the dramatic events of Sunday evening.

After weeks of debate over whether to escalate the movement and occupy new areas, student leaders called upon protesters to surround government headquarters in order to paralyse its operations.

HISTORY – A Brief Visual History of Hong Kong’s Old Airport, Kai Tak 52

Heralded as the sixth most dangerous in the world, Kai Tak served as Hong Kong’s airport from 1925 till 1998.

b7U7vrdl.jpg (640×427)

Courtesy Daryl Chapman, flickr.com/photos/darylchapman

Landings over densely populated Kowloon were spectacular and involved a complicated last-minute manoeuvre known in the piloting community as a ‘Hong Kong turn’ or ‘checkerboard turn’, after the checkerboard reference point above Kowloon Tsai Park (still visible now – click for some eerie close-up shots).

l3Exg8Ql.png (640×418)

In 1925, Kai Tai was a simple grass-strip airfield which served the British RAF and enthusiasts from the Hong Kong Aviation Club (which still exists today).