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BLOG – Photographs of Hong Kong’s Rooftop Slums 13

Limited space and sky-high rents have pushed HK’s poor into cages, ‘shoeboxes‘, sub-divided death traps and up onto rooftop slums in the blistering heat. Average house prices in Hong Kong have jumped 76% since 2008, with no end in sight to the ever-increasing, monstrous cost of housing…

Ei9QLaYl.jpg (640×518)

Artwork by atomier-one.blogspot.hk

Rufina Wu & Stefan Canham have drawn attention to the underprivileged Hong Kongers who exist at the bottom of society but on top of the city. The images below are from their photographic project, ‘Portraits from Above: Hong Kong’s Informal Rooftop Communities‘…

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One of the five residential focus points of the book is a mixed-use structure located in Tai Kok Tsui (above). The area first developed as a shipyard which linked into other heavy industries but, since the 1980s, many of the factories have relocated. Like Sham Shui Po and Kwun Tong, this area is a redevelopment zone and is expected to undergo major transformations.

HELPERS – “I Was Tortured”: Erwiana Testifies Against Former Employer

Via HK Helpers Campaign & Meredith McBride

On the first day of the trial of her former employer Law Wan-tung, Erwiana Sulistyaningsih testified to a full court room that her employer repeatedly beat her with hangers, mops, ladders, and rulers.

The court room let out a collective gasp when Erwiana explained that she was only allowed to sleep for four hours in the afternoon, and was required to work throughout the night. Erwiana said she once fell asleep from exhaustion while vacuuming and was woken by her employer, who forced a vacuum cleaner tube into her mouth and twisted it while it was still running.

“I was tortured,” said Erwiana through a translator.