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NEWS – Wanchai Restaurant in Red Paint “Attack”

The Opera House Italian restaurant on Queen’s Road East appears to be closed today after its façade was splattered with red paint, commonly thought to be a “warning” symbol used in organised crime circles. Netizens are speculating as to whether the Wanchai restaurant may have upset triad groups in the city.

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Via HKMOMs on FB

The restaurant could not be reached for comment.

Yesterday, two Chinese restaurants located in Wanchai and Tseun Wan were also splashed with red paint.

Police are investigating the cases. Shares in Gayety Holdings, which owns the restaurants, fell 14% yesterday as the news broke.

HISTORY – 1000+ ‘Before and After’ Photos of Old & New Hong Kong 35

‘HK Man’ has copiled an impressive Flickr collection of over 1000 ‘before & after’ photos of old and new Hong Kong. Each photo of bygone HK is contrasted with a more recent one…

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…Reassuringly, some scenes – like the trams – never change…