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BLOG – Hong Kong Free Press: News & Updates, The Final Push 3

Hong Kong Free Press is a new, upcoming English-language news source for the city. Free-of-charge, not-for-profit and completely independent, HKFP is set to launch at the end of June. 

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Hong Kong Free Press cyber-attack

On Monday, the Hong Kong Free Press website was targeted in a distributed denial of service (DDoS) cyber-attack.

It was a significant attack appearing to originate in Amsterdam, but we are unable to tell who was behind it or where it came from. Our website was down for half-a-day. Behind the preview page at hongkongfp.com, we are busy polishing the site design and will begin building content from this Friday.

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“It is curious as to why Hong Kong Free Press would be attacked, as we have yet to launch the site and have said that we intend to be as impartial as possible, welcoming voices from all sides of the political debate. Crude cyber-attacks will not hinder our launch and we now have a top team of experts on board to ensure we’re well-prepared,” said HKFP co-director Tom Grundy.