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Where can you see 10 Years? A guide to screenings of Hong Kong’s most talked-about box office hit

Dystopian Hong Kong independent film Ten Years will be screened – with English subtitles – at 30 different locations across the city on April 1 as part of a community initiative. The screenings all begin at 7pm and will be followed by a one-hour online discussion with the director.

Below is a full list of shows.

Ten Years.

Ten Years. Photo: Ten Years.

Note that details such as price, size of venue and whether pre-registration is required vary depending on the event. Some screenings are already fully booked. Details were correct at the time of publishing.

Hong Kong Island

Internet united in disgust after ‘alien’ object found in rice milk carton

Internet users were aghast after photos of what looked like “an alien” found in a Rice Dream carton were posted on Sunday.

Netizens speculated what the foreign object in the drink could be, with one commenter suggesting that it “looks like some mega magnified alien cells,” on Facebook.

foreign object in rice milk

Photo: Anthony Tsang via Facebook.

Anthony Tsang, who posted the pictures, said: “When I saw it, my domestic helper and my wife were shocked. Then we were in a panic. My wife cried several times because she was so worried. But my two sons did not feel sick immediately after. The hygiene department would not specifically follow up with the case. We can only wait for a report from the FEHD [Food and Environmental Health Department].”

Leonardo DiCaprio and Hilton sisters among celebs in town for Art Basel Hong Kong

Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio and Nicky Hilton were among others spotted at Hong Kong Art Basel 2016 on Tuesday evening, as the city buzzed with excitement in anticipation of the upcoming series of art events this week.

The actor, who received his first Oscar win for his role in The Revenant last month, was seen at the art fair’s launch event at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai on Tuesday afternoon. He was in Beijing just days ago to promote the movie, Apple Daily reported.


DiCaprio at Art Basel. Photo: Apple Daily.

Event: Art Central takes over Hong Kong Harbourfront

Art Central is open, with over 100 galleries from 21 countries joining forces to showcase a wide-ranging collection of artwork.

art central

Photo: Art Central, via Facebook.

Art Central, calling itself a contemporary art fair with a distinctly Asian twist, includes galleries from 23 cities across greater Asia, with 30 new names never seen in Hong Kong before.

The art fair “includes interactive installations, engaging panel discussions, performance art, tours and Hong Kong’s hottest eateries”, according to the organisers.

Art Central opened on Monday, and continues until Saturday. It is located at the Central Harbourfront, accessible from both Central and Admiralty MTR stations. Tickets can be purchased on the door or in advance through HK Ticketing.

Skyline dims as Hong Kong takes part in Earth Hour blackout… with a notable exception

Lights went out across Hong Kong on Saturday night for the 10th annual Earth Hour. Organisers, the World Wildlife Fund, said that millions of people from 178 countries and territories took part.

However, when buildings across the city’s glittering harbourfront dimmed their lights, there was a notable exception in the People’s Liberation Army garrison headquarters. Netizens noted that lights at the PLA building continued blazing.

PLA building

Photo: Kylie Leung, via Facebook.

Zuckerberg taunted over FB China access after posting Tiananmen jogging pic

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg was taunted by netizens after posting a picture on the social media site of him running through Tiananmen Square in Beijing on Friday morning.

Many were curious as to how Zuckerberg bypassed the country’s online censorship, as Facebook is generally inaccessible in China without the use of a virtual private network (VPN). Scholarism convenor and student activist Joshua Wong shared the post on his Facebook page asking, “How [did you] update your Facebook in China, Mark?”

Civic Passion leader Wong Yeung-tat commented similarly asking, “How did you get [past] the ‘Great Firewall’?”


Zuckerberg running through Tiananmen. Photo: Mark Zuckerberg via Facebook.

Blossoming bromance? LegCo arch-rivals star in new TV travel show escapade

Putting politics aside, LegCo arch-rivals Jasper Tsang Yok-sing and “Long Hair” Leung Kwok-hung joined forces for a TV travel show romp through Poland, where, among other things, they discussed vodka and love.

Tsang, who is no stranger to Leung’s trying demands in LegCo, seemed to have learned a trick or two from his arch-rival when pressing him to talk about his love life.

viutv leung kwok-hung jasper tsang yok-sing

New show Travel With Rivals stars Jasper Tsang and Leung Kwok-hung. Photo: ViuTV screencap, via Facebook.

“How many girlfriends do you have?” Tsang asked Leung over alcoholic shots. “What about before? What about in the past?”

Video: The new, official, super addictive sing-a-long MTR song

RTHK presenter Steve James presents a new, officially sanctioned, highly educational MTR song.

The ditty includes shoutouts for stops along all current MTR lines as well stations due to open in the near future.

mtr song

Ten years ago, James created the first MTR song.

HKFP History: The long-lost ‘haunted’ castles of Hong Kong

Eu Tong Sen was a well-known tycoon in the late 19th and early 20th centuries with business interests across Southeast Asia. He was also vice-president of the Anti-Opium Society and a somewhat eccentric property owner. Heir to his family’s retail and mining businesses, he took control of his father’s estate in 1898. Over the decades that followed, he multiplied his fortune several times over. By age 30, he was one of the region’s richest men, specialising in the tin mining and rubber industries.

castle hong kong

Photo: Aetse via Flickr.

Event: 6th Hong Kong International Pillow Fight Day – April 2nd

Once more, we shall unleash our cushiony wrath in a ferocious feathery frenzy as April 2 marks Hong Kong’s 6th International Pillow Fight Day.

pillow fight day

Invite your friends on Facebook – meet at Central MTR Exit J2 at 5pm, Saturday April 2. BYOP (Bring Your Own Pillow!) and wait for the signal to begin.


Previous events: 2011 coverage, 2012 coverage2013 coverage, 2014 coverage, 2015 coverage.

+ No swinging at people without pillows or with cameras. 不能對手無寸鐵或攜帶相機的人作出攻擊”
+ Extra points for hilarious costumes. PYJAMAS AT LEAST! 穿得越特別越好,至少穿上睡衣作戰!”
+ Wait until the signal to begin. 抵達後,聽到信號先開始 +

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