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‘Ain’t nobody got time for that’: CY Leung ridiculed for lunchtime harbour swimming idea

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying has been ridiculed by netizens for suggesting that office workers in Central could go for a swim in the harbour if a harbourfront swimming area was set up near International Finance Centre (IFC).

Hong Kong and Kowloon Lifeguards Union spokesperson Kwok Chiu-kit mocked Leung for his “lack of common sense” as the Leisure and Cultural Services Department has warned people not to swim with a full stomach, reported Apple Daily.

離地CY叫人午飯後游水 救生員鬧冇常識「實嘔到一海都係」〈阿媽教落食飽飯就唔好游 〉Lunch time有啖安樂茶飯食已經好好,邊個得閒同你食完飯再去游水……【隔牆有耳:離地CY叫人午飯後游水救生員鬧冇常識「實嘔到一海都係」】http://bit.ly/1SywkGR ←足本版【康文署一般水上安全守則】http://bit.ly/1OZpMtO

Posted by 蘋果日報 on Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Kwok also said that people would have to buy food, eat, change clothes, swim and change their clothes back within an hour. He added that if they do this, they would definitely have cramps and throw up all over the harbour.

Netizens reacted no less mercilessly.

“Don’t know whether he is trying to please citizens or prank citizens,” said one commenter.

cy leung swim

Photo: Apple Daily remix.

“He is utterly detached from reality! People who have actually worked will know that there are really only 50 minutes for lunch,” said another.