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Event: 6th Hong Kong International Pillow Fight Day – April 2nd

Once more, we shall unleash our cushiony wrath in a ferocious feathery frenzy as April 2 marks Hong Kong’s 6th International Pillow Fight Day.

pillow fight day

Invite your friends on Facebook – meet at Central MTR Exit J2 at 5pm, Saturday April 2. BYOP (Bring Your Own Pillow!) and wait for the signal to begin.


Previous events: 2011 coverage, 2012 coverage2013 coverage, 2014 coverage, 2015 coverage.

+ No swinging at people without pillows or with cameras. 不能對手無寸鐵或攜帶相機的人作出攻擊”
+ Extra points for hilarious costumes. PYJAMAS AT LEAST! 穿得越特別越好,至少穿上睡衣作戰!”
+ Wait until the signal to begin. 抵達後,聽到信號先開始 +

directions to chater garden