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HKFP History: The evolution of the Hong Kong skyline

HongWrong presents a brief visual history of how the Hong Kong skyline has developed over the decades.

Pre-1869 painting of Hong Kong harbour

Pre-1869 painting via RGS-IBG image. Photo: E. L. Watling.

1880s – Beginning with a rare shot of the harbour from the 19th century – the same decade in which the Star Ferry became operational.

 Hong Kong harbour

 Hong Kong harbour



 Hong Kong harbour

A quaint postcard from 1906. Photo:

1910s – The CBD, gradually creeping up The Peak, was then named Victoria City.

 Hong Kong harbour


Video: Behold – the Hong Kong drone beer delivery service

For anyone skeptical of the unmanned aerial vehicle trend, one intrepid Hong Kong resident has found a good use for his drone. YouTuber Eli Kallison rigged one to deliver a beer to a friend on a rooftop. “Hong Kong beer delivery service, coming soon to a rooftop near you,” he said.

In 2014, American authorities decided to prohibit beer delivery by drone. It is unclear whether Kallison’s business idea could take off in Hong Kong.

Last year, another drone enthusiast tested chocolate delivery by drone.

A centuries-old ‘joke’: Racist Chinese detergent ad a rip-off of Italian commercial

An ad for Chinese detergent brand Qiaobi raised eyebrows on Reddit on Thursday, attracting over a million views on YouTube.

racist ad

In the ad, a woman encounters a black man whilst doing her laundry. After throwing him into her washing machine, he reemerges as a Chinese man.

racist ad

“She just ethnically cleansed him,” said one Redditor.

“I thought she was just murdering him and then the Chinese guy popped out,” another noted.

As well as its racist overtones, it appears the ad was – in fact – a rip-off of an Italian commercial.

Blurred lines: Chinese state media pixelates Taiwanese flag in news clip about new president

Chinese state media have once again blurred out the Taiwanese flag in a news video about the island state’s new president, Tsai Ing-wen.

People’s Daily Online published a report about Tsai’s meeting with Assistant U.S. Secretary of Commerce Marcus D. Jadotte, noting that she struggled to gather her thoughts in Chinese.

Blurred lines

It is not the first time state media have obscured the Taiwanese flag.

Event: Comedian Jimmy Carr to perform live in Hong Kong, August 25th

Britain’s best-loved comedian and one of the biggest selling live acts in UK comedy, Jimmy Carr will perform in Hong Kong for the very first time with his brand new show, Funny Business, on Thursday August 25, 8 pm at KG Five.

jimmy carr

Over 2 million people have now seen Jimmy perform live and his new tour has seen him play over 200 dates across 4 continents. 


Video: Gluing down the sidewalks? HK’s security circus for Zhang mocked on The Daily Show

The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah has expressed surprise at the security measures Hong Kong laid on for visiting Chinese official Zhang Dejiang.

glue bricks

Photo: Fernando Cheung.

“They started gluing down their sidewalks? So protesters can’t grab the bricks and throw them?” the Comedy Central host said.

trevor noah

Click to view.

“It’s also interesting logic from the Chinese government. They were basically like ‘hey, should we spend some money and address the concerns of our citizens?’…’Nah, let’s buy glue.”

It is not the first time Hong Kong protesters have made it onto late night talk shows. In 2014, John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight referenced the Umbrella Movement protests.

‘Barberation’: Video of man shaving head on a bus grosses out netizens

Reddit users have reacted in disgust to a video of a man shaving his head on a Hong Kong Citybus.

“There is a time and a place for everything. That is neither the time or the place for head grooming,” said one Redditor. “I’d dread sitting behind this guy,” wrote another.

Not everyone was as displeased.

“How is he bothering anyone? the shaver keeps all the hair in it to be disposed of later on,” another commenter wrote.

Blood Umbrella :  A film ten years in the making

satire humour banner ribbon

By Hong Kong Hermit.

Hong Kong cinema isn’t dead. It was merely resting. As you may have seen reported on Friday, this year’s biggest blockbuster is getting ready to film, and only I, the Hong Kong Hermit, have been privileged enough to be shown an advance copy of the script. I’m here to tell you folks, this film is red hot. Well, it’s certainly red. Does it have action, adventure, a deep and sensitive exploration of the human condition? No, it has so much more than that.

Brought to you by Liaison Office Film Productions, and the Justice Alliance, I give you Blood Umbrella.

Video: Queen says Chinese officials were ‘very rude’ during President Xi’s UK visit

The Queen has been overheard commenting that Chinese officials “were very rude” during last October’s state visit by President Xi Jinping to the UK.

At a Buckingham Palace garden party on Tuesday, the Queen was introduced to Commander Lucy D’Orsi by the Lord Chamberlain.

“Oh, bad luck,” Her Majesty said, as she heard that D’Orsi was the Gold Commander – meaning the person in charge of security – during the Chinese state visit.

“I’m not sure whether you knew, but it was quite a testing time for me,” D’Orsi said, to which the Queen replied, “I did.”