Daily Archives: July 16, 2016

Video: Allegory of the Cave – a truly unique, dreamlike Hong Kong timelapse video

Hong Kong-based videographer Visual Suspect presents “The Allegory of the Cave” – a unique timelapse which uses reflection effects.

hong kong timelapse

The Allegory of the Cave refers to a story where prisoners who have been chained in a cave all of their lives have a false sense of reality as they are only able to perceive the world from shadows projected on a wall.

hong kong timelapse

In Pictures: Dear humans, how many pairs of shoes do you need?

Lantau resident “Billy the Cow” has collected photos of washed-up footwear on Pui O beach. His shots were taken as Hongkongers spend a second weekend clearing beaches of an influx of trash.

beach trash hong kong

“Change your wasteful habits and stop blaming others for the mess we are creating for ourselves,” the photographer said.

beach trash hong kong

However, he was happy to see residents taking a greater interest in cleaning up shorelines. “This has been happening on Pui O Beach for many years, now. I am happy to see so many humans finally taking an interest in cleaning up my yard.”

beach trash hong kong

Pokemon No Go: Why it’s unlikely the game will be available in Hong Kong anytime soon

As of Friday, Pokemon Go has been released in three more locations – Italy, Spain and Portugal – while Hong Kong fans are waiting with bated breath for an announcement as to when it will be coming to the city.

The app is an augmented reality mobile game available on Android and iPhone systems. It uses the device’s camera and location detection functions to display Pokemon characters in the environment around you. However, experts say that technical difficulties relating to locations have to be overcome before it can be rolled out in Hong Kong.