Daily Archives: October 20, 2016

Videos: Hongkongers share dramatic clips of Black Rain flooding as city grinds to a halt

Hongkongers shared photos and videos of the sudden Black Rain downpour on Wednesday. Below are some of the most dramatic clips doing the rounds on social media. Click here for a full update on the incoming typhoon.

Event: Avant-garde reinterpretation of Noh classic Matsukaze to kick off New Vision Arts Fest.

Performed by Sasha Waltz and guests this October, an avant-garde reinterpretation of the Noh classic Matsukaze will be the opening programme of the New Vision Arts Festival.

“As the enigmatic tale unfolds, singers also become dancers entwined in an eerily apocalyptic landscape. At times, a 17-metre-wide diaphanous web enmeshes the performers beyond time and space while reality is bounded by a 33-beam wooden frame. In such ways, the vivid stagecraft serves as a Noh bridge, crossing from now to the afterlife and taking souls back to the mortal world for ultimate liberation.”

VQrd0Asl.jpg (640×426)