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Video: China’s leaders have part of their brains missing, Dalai Lama tells comedian John Oliver

Tibet’s spiritual leader has told British comedian John Oliver that it is very possible he may be the last Dalai Lama, and China is “short-sighted” if it thinks it can appoint their own.

dalai lama john oliver

Beijing could appoint a 15th Dalai Lama when the 81-year-old, who lives in exile in India, dies. When asked about whether he was concerned, the Dalai Lama said that Chinese leaders were not “using the human brain properly.”

“It’s harmful… Our brain usually, you see, [has] the ability to create common sense. The Chinese hardliners, in their brains, that part of the brain is missing,” he said, adding that they were very concerned about the image of China.

Event: Unleash your feathery fury at the 7th Hong Kong Int’l Pillow Fight Day – this Saturday, 11am

Once more, we shall unleash our cushiony wrath in a ferocious feathery frenzy as April 1 marks Hong Kong’s 7th International Pillow Fight Day.

Invite your friends on Facebook – meet at Central MTR Exit J2 at 11am, April 1, Chater Garden. BYOP (Bring Your Own Pillow!) and wait for the signal to begin.


Previous events: 

pillow fight

Photo: Chan Ryann.

+ No swinging at people without pillows or with cameras. 不能對手無寸鐵或攜帶相機的人作出攻擊”
+ Extra points for hilarious costumes. PYJAMAS AT LEAST! 穿得越特別越好,至少穿上睡衣作戰!”
+ Wait until the signal to begin. 抵達後,聽到信號先開始 +