PHOTOGRAPHY – The Creepy Abandoned Holiday Resort of Broken Dreams, Pt.1 3

In 2006, a Wanchai bar owner leased a plot of land in the isolated, abandoned village of Tai She Wan 大蛇灣 (Snake Bay).

Inaccessible by road, it was hoped the secluded ‘Club Captain Bear’ would be a magnet for water sports fans…

The experiment failed and the newly refurbished buildings and swimming pool were left to decay.

Environmental activists, such as Paul Zimmerman, have been campaigning against the construction waste and state of the site.

Hong Wrong teamed up with HK URBEX over the weekend to explore the village…

The area is strewn with broken glass.

The bar remains relatively intact…

…with a fish task as a centre piece.


During its short time in operation, overnight stays cost HK$750 per night or HK$600 on weekdays.

Creepy, life-size animal models are scattered around the resort…

Over a dozen en-suite rooms have been left to be reclaimed by nature…

Two derelict houses and a temple remain relatively untouched, though the temple is being slowly digested by a tree…

Here is what the resort looked like in 2006…

04mijShl.jpg (585×393)

via Designing Hong Kong

PsFBnJB.jpg (590×398)

via Designing Hong Kong

oL0InEW.jpg (591×393)

via Designing Hong Kong

wZt5eqd.jpg (640×419)


GqwOSe8.jpg (640×423)


Here is what the area looked like before development…

JjltsKp.jpg (640×288)


Tune in later this week for a video from the abandoned resort.

A report (in Chinese) from Apple Daily…

Exploring forgotten corners of HK where nature is winning…

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