ACTIVISM – Civil Liberties Legal Case, Hong Kong 3

We approached a lawyer shortly after our detention at a peaceful Tibet protest during the HK Olympic Torch Relay in May 2008. Christina Chan and I wanted to make a statement about civil liberties in Hong Kong and defend free speech.

The 1997 Basic Law states that HK police must facilitate protest and all residents have the right to do so. We hoped the case would highlight the drip-drip erosion of freedoms in the territory by Beijing, but I had to drop out due to prohibative legal aid costs. Christina’s means test was lower so she pressed on with the judicial review.

The videos clearly show heavy-handed policing. If the judge admits others present were breaking the law, then police were surely obliged to control/arrest them, rather than removing the victim. Instead, moments before the torch and world’s media passed by, Chan found herself bundled into a van.

Coverage from various local outlets below…

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