NEWS – Mobs Reappear at Admiralty Occupy Site as Police Say More Barricades Will be Removed 1

Hundreds of anti-Occupy Central activists descended upon Admiralty this afternoon as police struggled to maintain order.

Protesters in Admiralty

In the early hours of the morning, police removed some of the protester’s barriers in Central in an effort to relieve traffic congestion.” Blockades were taken down in 27 locations around Mong Kok and Admiralty.

Men wearing face masks began to gather at around noon on Queensway, at the bottom of Cotton Tree Drive in Admiralty.

Pro-democracy protesters claim the men were triads. They began removing barriers at around 1pm and destroyed a first aid station.

occupy central hong kong

Image via @SocRecOrg

Some were detained by police. Many were reluctant to be photographed.

Meanwhile, hundreds of people from the pro-Beijing group New Territories Association of Societies were converging at Chater Garden in Central.

Accompanied by taxi drivers blaring their horns, they moved towards the Queensway barricades at around 2pm.

Outside government headquarters, within the main protest site, some other members of the same group were successfully staging a counter-protest.

Further along Queensway, a group of private truck drivers were removing barricades. (Netizens were later able to identify the crane truck’s owner).

After multiple altercations, heckling and chanting at police to ‘open the way’, the group near the Lippo Building filed out as quickly as they had appeared.

Former legislator Audrey Eu was on scene at the main protest camp where speakers on the main stage had urged people to remain peaceful and for children to leave the area.

Audrey Eu

During the altercations, Occupy Central issued the following press release:

rScoL8i.png (1000×419)

The police stated that they would continue removing blockades on Queesway at some point today. Protesters have since been reinforcing barricades:

Earlier today, Getty photographer Lam Yik Fei spotted a plain-clothed police officer wearing a pro-government blue ribbon:


And later in the evening, an activist stood with a Doreamon umbrella in front of Chief Secretary Carrie Lam as she spoke at an event celebrating Spain’s National Day.

Coverage continues on Twitter
. Four live streams:

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