• PHOTOGRAPHY – Poverty, Age & Loneliness in HK: by Brian Yen

    Date: 2012.10.19 | Category: Photography & Wallpapers | Tags:

    Brian Yen is planning a photobook depicting a year in Hong Kong – a book about birth and death in the most crowded place on Earth. Much of his work involves long exposure photography, but his series also uncovers a less glamorous and fast-paced side to HK. Scenes we are all familiar with yet rarely pay attention to – the invisible lives of the poor, elderly and the elderly working poor.

    The collection below begins with someone almost all LKF-goers will recognise…

    Sqr9nl.png (635×424)

    27ZoY.png (636×425)

    7pZTel.jpg (636×473)

    Zv1ykl.png (633×423)

    GuYfgl.png (635×323)

    hIUTTl.png (639×425)

    OEDw7.png (637×421)

    Sx1jm.png (637×421)

    bExosl.png (636×423)

    8ZHT4l.png (637×422)

    58Anol.jpg (640×406)

    y5mkK.png (637×415)

    ocUZ5l.png (634×424)

    y9ysCl.jpg (640×405)

    lRbCXl.png (640×403)

    9Xx34l.jpg (640×403)

    w1tjzl.jpg (640×403)

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