VIDEO – Anti-Occupy Central Video Predicts Apocalyptic Scenes in HK 3

A video produced by the pro-government Silent Majority group predicts total chaos in Hong Kong should a planned pro-democracy sit-in take place. The four-minute video entitled ‘They Can Kill This City’ depicts territory-wide traffic jams, fires, automatic weapons and people dying of strokes and heart attacks as a result of the Occupy Central with Love and Peace campaign…

The narrator and convenor, Robert Chow, spoke on RTHK this morning of a ‘catastrophe’ whereby the city will be paralysed and Hong Kongers will have no access to food…

The group, which state-backed China Daily described as a ‘wise’ ‘voice of sanity‘, was launched last year by 40 academics and professionals to “combat evil“.

Silent Majority for Hong Kong,

Robert Chow (right) with a member of the Silent Majority for Hong Kong,

It was immediately forced to insist it was not taking orders from the China Liaison Office, Beijing’s political representation in Hong Kong. The group says it receives funding from businesses.

Silent Majority Hong Kong

A ‘Silent Majority’ protest. Median age of attendees: 104.

The video, released this week, forms part of a real campaign and is unrelated to an earlier satirical post on Hong Wrong about Occupy Central.

Anti-Occupy Central video

What is Occupy Central? See our interview with organiser Benny Tai.

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3 thoughts on “VIDEO – Anti-Occupy Central Video Predicts Apocalyptic Scenes in HK

  • Meaghan McGurgan

    My favorite part of the video is suddenly HK will have access to machine guns. As an American with gun skills I’ll most likely survive this apocalypse, as long as I avoid giving birth and being hit by a flying car.