ART – Asia Contemporary Art Show 2013 Highlights

Last week’s Asia Contemporary Art Show showcased original works, limited editions, sculptures and photography across the top four floors of the JW Marriott in Admiralty. It attracted over 8,000 visitors and ended with record sales of over HK$18million. Favourites below…

This year’s show is now closed. Below is a video from last year’s fair…

Hong Wrong has extensive photographic coverage of HK’s art scene. Click a festival below…

JhphtlJ.jpg (595×107)

1JuSaBl.jpg (631×107)

zT5F5.png (666×108)

0URDP.jpg (608×108)

WYjzT.jpg (601×103)

Xv8by.jpg (553×109)

5hhIv.jpg (608×108)

DvWoR.jpg (532×108)

jRGiul.jpg (640×97)

8l1uQXw.jpg (599×109)

um3WpoP.jpg (577×107)

ZZfEkXL.jpg (557×109)

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