INTERVIEW – Benny Tai: Occupy Central Organiser, Part 1 – ‘The Basics’

No Filter Interview seriesWhat is the pro-democracy ‘Occupy Central with Love & Peace’ plan and why is it dominating the news? Organiser and HKU Associate Professor at Law Benny Tai explains it like you’re 10 in a new ‘back-to-basics’ interview with Hong Wrong. The 20-minute primer about the non-violent ‘last resort’ protest movement includes:

  • The basics: Who is behind Occupy Central? What are its aims and how did we get here?
  • Beijing’s response: How does the movement fit in with┬áBeijing’s own idea of ‘universal suffrage with Chinese characteristics’?
  • Methods: What does the complicated deliberation process entail? Does Benny have a personal preference for an election model? And how does HK’s situation compare to Taiwan’s recent occupation protest?
  • Media coverage: Is there a conscious effort to smear the campaign? How valid are the predictions of violence and accusations that the proposal is ‘illegal’?

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Benny Tai interview transcriptBenny Tai Transcript PDF

In part 2, coming later this week, Benny explains why the movement has not deliberately avoided seeking support from other countries. He comments on Britain’s failure to police the Joint Agreement and discusses what he thinks the legacy of the movement will be, whether it comes to fruition or not.

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