BLOG – Hollywood Destroys the Bank of China Building

In what is undoubtely an act of very poor Feng Shui, Hollywood has given an approving nod to the Fragrant Harbour’s splendid architecture by blowing it up. Due for local release on April 11th and with scenes set in downtown Honkey Donkey Land, ‘Battleship‘ is a romantic comedy following an American woman (Rihanna) who attempts to adapt to life with her Chinese boyfriend with hilarious consequences terrible CGI-ridden action film. We haven’t been this flattered since Hong Kongers wiped out half of the human race in ‘Contagion’.

Check out the Bank of China footage in the new trailer here and from another angle below (at around the 1-minute mark).

QMfhv.jpg (502×205)

Occupy Central’s new tactics get a little out of hand

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