BLOG – Bumbling Boris Surveying Hong Kong Sparks Photoshop Battle

London mayor, bumbling posh twit and political punchline Boris Johnson was snapped surveying one of his country’s former dominions yesterday. The mop-headed Tory narcissist talked business at the British Chamber of Commerce today, days after one of his ‘Boris Buses’ failed spectacularly to make landfall in the territory…

gQDjHVAl.jpg (640×427)

Predictably, hours after the Boris chopper image flew around the Twittersphere, Redditors on r/photoshopbattles set to work on ‘improving’ it. Below are some of the best…

AHRoJMll.jpg (640×427)

Reddit user ‘SimonCharles’

5KdpYRjl.jpg (640×360)

Reddit user ‘gang_vape’

f1FYQSml.jpg (640×427)

Reddit user ‘SuperVoodoo’

LwQGinhl.jpg (640×427)

Reddit user ‘artman’

MaWoY4hl.png (640×427)

Reddit user ‘FrigoRodrigo’

l2axhnrl.jpg (640×427)

Reddit user ‘Captain_McFiesty’

1ThLRuql.jpg (640×427)

Reddit user ‘Dosar’

oDPl9G9l.jpg (640×427)

Reddit user ‘xWavy’

URZQHBY.gif (800×534)

Reddit user ‘sirmuskrat’

nU3etSul.jpg (640×427)

Reddit user ‘fervt’

dphpW33l.jpg (640×512)

Reddit user ‘beatless18’

W55GXbRl.jpg (640×361)

Reddit user ‘tubeyes’

hVy5Qd4.gif (640×400)

Reddit user ‘Indoor’

“Simba, Everything the light touches is our kingdom.”
“But what about that shadowy place?”
“That is Shenzhen, Simba. You must never go there”

sdwaGGil.png (640×427)

Reddit user ‘dhpii’

Whilst Johnson called for a free trade deal between the UK and China, British chancellor and all-round slime-ball George Smugface Osbourne is also visiting the city this weekend. Eggs and flour on standby kids!

MpVtACjl.jpg (640×445)

via AFP. “Don’t… don’t let go Jack!”

FQ2c8dol.jpg (612×300)

tqXnJqQl.jpg (640×426)

Fuck you very much poor people!

Tomorrow’s Daily Mail today!… And if you thought these were amusing, you ought check out the genius Photoshop mastery of our mainland counterparts.

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