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ACTIVISM – Donate to Elis: Justice for the Helper Crushed at Her Agency

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  • 33-year-old Ellis Kurniasih died on March 16th, 2015 five days after being crushed by a 60kg concrete slab at her agency.
  • Conditions at the Sun Light Employment Agency boarding house were said to be “terrible“, according to a Mission for Migrant Workers spokesperson. “Indonesian domestic workers there are said to sleep on the floor with mats and no proper bed. Cooking is done at the rooftop of the said old building. Although there is a lift, they are allegedly made to take the stairs since only tenants and staff are allowed to use the lift.” the spokesperson said.
  • The family are seeking legal advice but Mission for Migrant Workers reports that they are under pressure from the agency and Indonesian authorities to ‘settle’. Donations for the family are therefore welcomed from the public as justice is sought.

via Oriental Daily

NEWS – SlutWalk HK 2014 Rallies Against Sexual Harassment & Assault (Photos) 1

On Sunday, dozens of SlutWalk activists protested in Causeway Bay, Wanchai and Lan Kwai Fong against sexual harassment and assault in Hong Kong.

Organiser Angie Ng told HongWrong that SlutWalk “prompts reflection and conversations on rape myths” and, this year, used an umbrella symbol “to show support for the women protesters and journalists who were sexually harassed and assaulted” at the Umbrella Movement protests.

PHOTOGRAPHY – Occupy Central: Photo Story from the Eye of the Storm Part 1/2

Photos from the eye of the storm – government headquarters in Tamar – as day one of Occupy Central unfolded. See part two here.

By Sunday morning, momentum gained from the week-long student strike was fading. The students that remained continued to reinforce barricades they had erected around the roads leading to LegCo. Others faced police in front of Civic Square, which had been cleared after students occupied the closed forecourt.

First aiders, some of them medical students, were prepared.

VIDEO – Occupy Central: Must-see Clips from Day 1

Videos from day one of Occupy Central.

In one of the day’s most shocking clips, police are shown pepper spraying an elderly protester at point blank range – via James Griffiths:

The following video went viral and is currently trending on the front page of Reddit:

NEWS – Thousands of Hong Kong Students Set to Strike Tomorrow 3

Thousands of Hong Kong students are expected to take part in a week-long pro-democracy class boycott starting tomorrow.

Alex Chow

Click for an interview with Alex Chow

The strike is in protest of Beijing’s conservative reform proposal for Hong Kong’s 2017 chief executive election.

ACTIVISM – Record Turnout for Gaza Protest as 500 Rally Against Israeli Actions

There have been many protests against Israeli in Hong Kong in recent years. Whether it be the attack on the aid flotilla, the bombing of Gaza or other human rights abuses, most protests attract a hard core of about 20-50 protesters.

Gaza hong kong protest

However, on Sunday around 500 people took to the streets in sweltering heat and rain to protest the Israeli bombardment of the Gaza strip. The demonstration was organised by two activists on social media with just 48 hours notice.

ACTIVISM – HK’s Luxury Malls Mistreating Their Staff? Join the Mini-Campaign

IFC, Elements and Hysan Place are mistreating their lowly-paid employees. An SCMP report showed how bathroom attendants are banned from sitting or leaning against walls during their 12-hour shifts, 6 days a week. Many workers are elderly, are not paid during breaks and receive a meagre wage of HK$30 per hour (the legal minimum – HK$11,000 per month).

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Staff reported health issues and complained of being reprimanded if they do not keep a straight posture – even when no customers are around. A campaigner on the issue, Luke Ching Chin-wai, said that companies were prioritising profit over people:“…companies value a so-called professional image more than workers’ well-being.” Mr Ching successfully persuaded museums to provide seats for guards.

Quotes from bathroom attendants.

Quotes from bathroom attendants.

Multi-billion luxury malls can afford to provide seating and a liveable wage to their staff. Share this page and spend 10 minutes to join Hong Wrong’s mini-campaign below to make it happen. What may seem like a small issue adds up to a winnable, worthwhile cause that will make a world of difference to these employees.

HELPERS – Tortured Helper Suspect in Court Today as Gov’t Refuses to Alter Rules 1

As the employer accused of torturing Indonesian helper Erwiana Sulistyaningsih appears at a Kwun Tong court facing seven charges of abuse, helpers and local people gathered at the Star Ferry last night for a candlelit vigil in her name.

Despite tireless efforts by the Justice Committee, international condemnation, multiple submissions to the government calling for reform and subsequent torture cases, the Hong Kong authorities are yet to announce any change in the rules which enabled the torture of Erwiana.