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Video: Former LegCo president Jasper Tsang sings Christmas carol to fundraise for charity

A video of the former president of the Legislative Council Jasper Tsang singing a Christmas carol to fundraise for charity has gone viral on social media.

In the post, Tsang said every “like” or “share” of the video will raise HK$1 for the Child Development Matching Fund, a community-based charity that serves underprivileged youth in Hong Kong.

jasper tsang

Jasper Tsang singing a Christmas carol.

The post has attracted over 13,000 likes and 1,300 shares so far.

One of the top comments on the video, which was written by columnist and talk show host Joe Lee, said: “[Tsang] is more Facebook-savvy than CY Leung.” Another commenter wrote: “You are the only pro-establishment figure that I respect.”

‘Starbucks uncle’ sipping coffee during flood epitomises Lion Rock spirit, sparks Photoshop battle

A photo of an old man enjoying a newspaper and a coffee at a flooded Chai Wan Starbucks went viral on the TV Most Facebook page on Wednesday.

Ne2gaUW.jpg (757×527)

The inspiring image, which encapsulates the unheeding resilience of Hongkongers everywhere, gained over 12,000 Facebook “reactions” and over 1,500 shares.

A photo posted a little later showed that the intrepid citizen had been joined by another adventurous soul.

CUbikCS.jpg (960×960)

It wasn’t long before netizens took to Photoshop…

shark starbucks

Photo: Tsz Him Ko, via Facebook.

Kristy Chan starbucks

Photo: Kristy Chan, via Facebook.

starbucks guy

Photo: Tham Kj, via Facebook.

Manfred ToTo photo

Photo: Manfred ToTo.

HKFP History: A brief visual history of Hong Kong’s old airport, Kai Tak

Heralded as the sixth most dangerous in the world, Kai Tak served as Hong Kong’s airport from 1925 until 1998.

Photo: Daryl Chapman, via Flickr.

Photo: Daryl Chapman, via Flickr.

Landings over densely populated Kowloon were spectacular and involved a complicated last-minute manoeuvre known in the piloting community as a ‘Hong Kong turn’ or ‘checkerboard turn’, after the checkerboard reference point above Kowloon Tsai Park.

l3Exg8Ql.png (640×418)

In 1925, Kai Tak was a simple grass-strip airfield which served the British RAF and enthusiasts from the Hong Kong Aviation Club.

By 1928, a concrete slipway was constructed for seaplanes.

HKFP History: A brief visual history of the 1972 deadly Kotewall Road landslide

On June 18, 1972, a deadly landslide at Kotewall Road claimed 67 lives and injured 20. These photos, which depict the aftermath of the disaster, were taken with a Nikon F camera by a Flickr user, who was a teenager at the time living at Lyttelton Road – just one level below Kotewall Road. The negatives were recently recovered and scanned.

kotewall road landslide

First scene of the site the next morning. Photo: aetse via Flickr.

Good samaritan ‘Spiderman’ assists elderly recycling lady in Lan Kwai Fong

A man dressed in a spiderman costume has been spotted offering a helping hand to an elderly recycling collection lady.

EY8Vt4a.jpg (549×422)

Hedge fund manager and activist Ed Chin snapped the superhero on Monday evening in Central.

af5yORV.jpg (813×584)

“My office is in Lan Kwai Fong and it was the first time I saw something like this. Apparently, the guy is a local and I applaud him for what he did,” Chin told HKFP.

1sH7LvC.jpg (548×318)

Since Hong Kong has little in the way of a social safety net, it is not uncommon for senior citizens to collect and sell recyclable rubbish in order to support themselves. The job can pay as little as HK$40 per day.

‘Barberation’: Video of man shaving head on a bus grosses out netizens

Reddit users have reacted in disgust to a video of a man shaving his head on a Hong Kong Citybus.

“There is a time and a place for everything. That is neither the time or the place for head grooming,” said one Redditor. “I’d dread sitting behind this guy,” wrote another.

Not everyone was as displeased.

“How is he bothering anyone? the shaver keeps all the hair in it to be disposed of later on,” another commenter wrote.

HKFP History: When 2,700 refugees were trapped off Lamma Island for four months

In the aftermath of the Vietnam War and the fall of Saigon in 1975, Vietnamese refugees were trickling into Hong Kong on all kinds of ships and boats to escape the war-torn country. At one point, it was estimated that 150 Vietnamese refugees arrived in Hong Kong every day from 1978 to 1981.

The response from the British government was not a welcoming one; a number of ships were purchased during that time and the number of sea and air patrols was increased. Refugees who arrived in Hong Kong were typically sent to refugee camps run by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

HKFP History: The long-lost ‘haunted’ castles of Hong Kong

Eu Tong Sen was a well-known tycoon in the late 19th and early 20th centuries with business interests across Southeast Asia. He was also vice-president of the Anti-Opium Society and a somewhat eccentric property owner. Heir to his family’s retail and mining businesses, he took control of his father’s estate in 1898. Over the decades that followed, he multiplied his fortune several times over. By age 30, he was one of the region’s richest men, specialising in the tin mining and rubber industries.

castle hong kong

Photo: Aetse via Flickr.

Liaoning man reconstructs banknotes after father shreds 140,000 yuan into pieces

A man in Liaoning province, China, has spent three months reconstructing 140,000 yuan (HK$165,646) worth of banknotes after his father shredded the notes to make his children “forget about money”, according to People’s Daily.

shredded notes.

Photo: Photo:

His son and daughter-in-law worked from 7am till midnight every day from October last year until January gluing 1,080 banknotes back together. Of the 200,000 yuan which the father destroyed, 140,000 yuan was retrieved.

shredded notes

Photo: Photo:

The man, surnamed Chen, exchanged the reconstructed notes at a bank and deposited them.