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  • BLOG – Pillow Fight Day Part 2: The Aftermath – Heroes & Villains

    Date: 2014.04.11 | Category: Blog, Events | Response: 1

    After hundreds gathered for Hong Kong’s biggest ever International Pillow Fight Day, a dedicated group of community-minded competitors remained on site for over an hour, clearing Chater Garden of the feathery aftermath… (Click here for Part 1: Photos & Coverage.)

    Long-suffering onlookers from the Leisure and Cultural Services Department assisted with water and brushes after watching the flash-mob wreck havoc on their patch.

    via Nathan Tsui

    via Nathan Tsui

  • PHOTOGRAPHY – Pillow Fight Day Part 1: Coverage & Photos of HK’s Biggest Yet

    Date: 2014.04.11 | Category: Blog, Events, Photography & Wallpapers | Response: 1

    Around 500 Hong Kongers unleashed a furiously frivolous feathery fury upon random strangers in Chater Garden last Saturday. (Click here for Part 2: The Aftermath.)

    Hong Kong Pillow Fight Day

    via Oriental Daily

    It was the biggest ever Hong Wrong ‘International Pillow Fight Day’ yet.


    Handsome ringmaster, Tom Grundy, begins the countdown, via Ignacio Virgen

    Kids fought on the sidelines in an internationally synchronised day of community love and global unity…

    Pillow Fight kids

    Fun for all ages, via Divya Rao

    Dozens also turned up in colourful costumes…

    China News

    via China News

    There was even live music this year, courtesy of a friendly bagpiping duo…

  • EVENT – 4th Hong Kong International Pillow Fight Day, April 5th (a Public Hol!)

    Date: 2014.04.04 | Category: Blog, Events | Response: 0

    iPv5XVpl.jpg (640×236)

    Prithee once more, we shall unleash our cushiony wrath in a ferocious feathery frenzy! For lo – with great vehemence and spirited fury – we shall prepare our fleecy headrests and pronounce: “You can take our freedom, but you cannot take our pillows!” plays host to Hong Kong’s biggest annual flashmob.


    2014 marks the Fourth International Pillow Fight Day – the biggest yet, held on April 5th, 4pm at Chater Garden, Central.

    PqzDEbYl.png (640×304)

    Previous events: 2011 coverage, 2012 coverage2013 coverage

  • EVENTS – HK Fan Zone: Mini-Music Festival in Central This Week

    Date: 2014.03.25 | Category: Art & Music, Blog, Events | Response: 0

    HK Fan Zone – a new event to compliment the Rugby 7s – is now in full swing each night at the New Central Harbourfront park…

    The atmosphere and set-up is tantamount to a mini-Clockenflap – with food stalls, kids areas and some acts, such as 2 Many DJs and De La Soul, making a welcome return to the city. There are also fun fair-style games, bean bags and large screens to catch the rugby action throughout the weekend.

    b74pPNzl.jpg (640×277)

    Click to enlarge schedule

  • EVENTS – Five Tickets To Be Won for Next Weekend’s ‘Affordable Art Fair’

    Date: 2014.03.12 | Category: Blog, Events | Response: 7

    The Affordable Art Fair returns to Wanchai’s Exhibition Centre next weekend and Hong Wrong has 5 tickets to give away. Simply leave a comment at the bottom of this post for a chance to win (ensure you’re registered with a valid email address, it won’t be used for anything except for notifying winners). Winners will be chosen randomly and contacted next Monday, March 17th.

    Aepf1xc.png (332×112)

    This year’s fair features over 120 local and international galleries, showcasing over 1,000 artists. Click here for shots from last year’s event. 1.4 million people have visited the international fair over the past 15 years – it has thus far been held in 16 cities around the world.

    Je2XaBhl.jpg (639×485)

    There will be talks, a DJ workshop, free arts activities and a children’s art studio. A new section this year will feature art under HK$10,000 and there will also be a special exhibition on young local talent.

  • HELPERS – Justice for Erwiana: Donate Directly to Her & Protest on Sunday

    Date: 2014.01.17 | Category: Blog, Events, HK Helpers Campaign, Politics: Activism | Response: 2

    Justice for Erwiana

    Donate to Erwiana directly and protest this weekend!

    Erwiana Sulistyaningsih is an Indonesian domestic worker who was tortured by her Hong Kong employer. She says her passport was illegally retained by Chan Recruitment Agency during her 8 month ordeal. (Images of Erwiana here).

    • Daily abuse: Erwiana says she was beaten daily, burned and allowed only 2 meals of plain bread and rice per day. She was allowed to sleep only between 1pm-5pm but not at night. An allergy on her hands and legs was exacerbated by the employer, who covered the wound with clothing when the smell was unbearable. She tried to complain to Chan Recruitment Agency a month into her ordeal – they said she must pay off her debt before they would listen. Another helper who previously worked with the same employer claims she had to beg for her life and was also severely abused.
  • BLOG – Highlights from Hong Kong’s 2014 ‘No Pants Day’

    Date: 2014.01.13 | Category: Blog, Events | Response: 3

    Held in 60 cities around the world, No Pants Subway Ride Day was conceived in New York 13 years ago. HK’s second annual gathering took place yesterday as several dozen Hong Kongers boarded the MTR at Central trouserless…

    The event seems to still be in its infancy but the 20% turnout was greater than last year.

    l73Gmpu.jpg (592×328)

    via AFP

    An MTR spokesperson told the SCMP “we trust that passengers will not do anything that would cause inconvenience to others” 

    ggoUyLT.jpg (534×357)

    via Reuters

    The question remains as to whether conservative Hong Kong is suited to random acts of mass public stripping…

  • ART – Shots from Free Space Festival 2013

    Date: 2013.12.16 | Category: Art & Music, Events, Photography & Wallpapers | Response: 0

    WYjzT.jpg (601×103)

    Though some of Sunday’s events were cancelled due to rain, HK’s second Free Space Festival still attracted hoards of Hong Kongers braving the drizzle to enjoy the crafts stalls, music and dance performances. The two day event was held at West Kowloon Cultural District, concluding three weeks of back-to-back festivals. Click here for shots from last year’s festivities.

  • EVENTS – Three Essential Free Events This Weekend

    Date: 2013.12.13 | Category: Art & Music, Blog, Events | Response: 2

    Hong Kongers are spoilt for choice this weekend. Here’s a lowdown of the weekend’s best events – all of which are free!

    Very HK Festival 2013

    • ‘Big Picnic’ event, this Sunday, Dec 15th, Noon till 9pm. Central Waterfront Promenade.

    6G7qG5Ml.jpg (640×374)

    “Very Hong Kong is the city’s first independent, annual programme with a mix of community-founded arts, culture, food, lifestyle, sport and design events, held in various public spaces in the city. It will be a celebration of Hong Kong’s unique mix of culture, heritage, cosmopolitan lifestyle and urban environment by transforming the city’s public space.”

  • MUSIC – Map and Full PDF Guide to Clockenflap 2013

    Date: 2013.11.26 | Category: Art & Music, Blog, Events | Response: 1

    Clockenflap 2013 is upon us – tickets are available  via Ticketflap. Friday line-up (click to enlarge)…

    00qJ6qll.jpg (640×244)

    *Note that Two Door Cinema Club have cancelled.

    Saturday line-up (click to enlarge)…

    K0Lfyrjl.jpg (640×433)


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