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HELPERS – Regina Ip Deletes Column Condemning Sexual Behaviour of Filipino Helpers 10

Translations courtesy of Ellie Ng.

Pro-Beijing politician Regina Ip has removed a controversial column from her blog and Facebook related to the sex lives of domestic workers. In the piece, also printed in Ming Pao, she decried the international media for “exaggerating” the Erwiana abuse case and made reference to the recent suicide of a teenager.

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BLOG – Derrick Pang of Chun Wo Development Cancels HKU Funds Over Occupy 5

Chun Wo Development Holdings CompanyDerrick Pang has withdrawn scholarship funding from the University of Hong Kong in light of the “radical” and “illegal” Occupy Central protests.

A letter from deputy chairman Derrick Pang to HKU’s vice-chancellor stated that the movement will “destroy our sound and effectual law system” and that the company would therefore be cancelling its two HK$10,000 bursaries (worth HK$880 per month).

Chun Wo Development is a multi-million dollar construction company founded in 1968. Its revenue last year totalled HK$6.55 billion.

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The letter wrongly states that the movement has “ruined the prosperity of Hong Kong“. In fact, tourism is up 4.83% since this time last year and the government has repeatedly published press releases stating that the stock market, banking system and currency exchange are operating normally.

VIDEO – “Guy Steals Girl From Chinese Guy” Viral Video Enrages HK Netizens 18

A viral video shot in Lan Kwai Fong by self-declared ‘professional pick-up artist’ David ‘Bond‘ is causing a colossal storm on Hong Kong’s popular Golden Forum. In the cringe-inducing clip entitled ‘Guy Steals Girl From Chinese Guy‘, ‘Bond’ encourages a friend to ‘steal’ a local girl from another guy, who stands oddly motionless as the sorry ‘trumping’ unfolds. The video has been watched over a million times and attracted equal disapproval on Reddit.

The women involved were subsequently ‘human flesh searched’ and their names/photos appeared on several Facebook groups and pages. With pitchforks primed, netizens were also able to find out the real name and birthplace of ‘Bond’.

POLITICS – Elizabeth Quat: The Hong Kong Politician With 3 “Fake” Degrees 4

A governance activist has revealed how Elizabeth Quat 葛珮帆博士, a Justice of Peace and politician for the pro-Beijing DAB party obtained her three ‘degrees’ from an apparently dodgy ‘diploma mill‘ university. Quat is a member of several corporate and government boards but claims to have obtained a degree, masters and PhD from “Greenwich University, Hawaii” (not to be confused with Britain’s legitimate University of Greenwich).

Elizabeth Quat

Elizabeth Quat flying in the face of controversy

A diploma mill is an an unaccredited higher education institution offering fake qualifications for a fee. Incorporated in 1990, Greenwich University (which moved to Norfolk Island in 1998) never received accreditation from any recognised American body and was seemingly run from incredibly modest headquarters…

BLOG – Pillow Fight Day Part 2: The Aftermath – Heroes & Villains 3

After hundreds gathered for Hong Kong’s biggest ever International Pillow Fight Day, a dedicated group of community-minded competitors remained on site for over an hour, clearing Chater Garden of the feathery aftermath… (Click here for Part 1: Photos & Coverage.)

Long-suffering onlookers from the Leisure and Cultural Services Department assisted with water and brushes after watching the flash-mob wreck havoc on their patch.

via Nathan Tsui

via Nathan Tsui

ACTIVISM – HK’s Luxury Malls Mistreating Their Staff? Join the Mini-Campaign

IFC, Elements and Hysan Place are mistreating their lowly-paid employees. An SCMP report showed how bathroom attendants are banned from sitting or leaning against walls during their 12-hour shifts, 6 days a week. Many workers are elderly, are not paid during breaks and receive a meagre wage of HK$30 per hour (the legal minimum – HK$11,000 per month).

KGpLVGol.jpg (640×210)

Staff reported health issues and complained of being reprimanded if they do not keep a straight posture – even when no customers are around. A campaigner on the issue, Luke Ching Chin-wai, said that companies were prioritising profit over people:“…companies value a so-called professional image more than workers’ well-being.” Mr Ching successfully persuaded museums to provide seats for guards.

Quotes from bathroom attendants.

Quotes from bathroom attendants.

Multi-billion luxury malls can afford to provide seating and a liveable wage to their staff. Share this page and spend 10 minutes to join Hong Wrong’s mini-campaign below to make it happen. What may seem like a small issue adds up to a winnable, worthwhile cause that will make a world of difference to these employees.

POLITICS – ‘No Gays!’ Says HK’s International Christian School (And It’s Legal!) 56

International Christian School in Sha Tin has banned gay teachers, forcing staff to sign a ‘morality contract’ and a form which suggests sinners will be cast out like ‘heathens’.

The story was reported by Simon Parry in the China Daily, after an expatriate art teacher asked the school to clarify its stance. She received the following response from Admin & Recruitment Co-ordinator Sandy Burnett…

via China Daily

BLOG – More Clueless Sexual Assault Comments, Now From HK’s Chief Prosecutor 4

N.B. This is not a satirical post. After Security Chief Lai Tung-Kwok aired his victim-blaming opinions on HK’s increasing rape figures last month, an even higher-ranking male official clearly fancied some time in the international spotlight…

Kevin Zervos

Kevin Zervos: Moron of the week, photo via SCMP

Australian lawyer and Director of Public Prosecutions at the HK Department of Justice, Kevin Zervos, reckons female victims of sexual assault ought extend more sympathy to their poor attackers:

“Men will actually respect women more if they see women showing compassion to them and realising they are better off without a conviction.”

Cool story, bro. Zervos shared more of his deep thoughts in an interview with SCMP’s Joanna Chiu, who asked him whether he believed HK judges were overly lenient with sex offenders:

“There’s this boy-girl thing in life… You have young men and women out there interacting socially. And when an incident happens and a man gets carried away… is it social misbehaviour or is it a crime?”

The SCMP took down the article after Zervos complained.

Kevin Zervos, Hong Kong

POLITICS – Average Salaries of Those Who Serve Us 17

Last week, a taxi driver named Tam Hoi-chi found himself in court after pocketing 50-cents when dropping off a woman in the New Territories. He fought in a pointless 6-month court battle, whilst many other states may have charged the passenger for wasting police time…

The SCMP revealed that “…the passenger did not ask for the 50 cents at the time but later complained to the police.”  If only the police and our legal system pursued corporate criminals with the same vigour.

W1acWsel.jpg (640×398)

Long-suffering taxi driver, Tam Hoi-chi, via SCMP

Inspired by the passenger’s behaviour, we present a collection of average salaries for service staff in Hong Kong…

Domestic Maid monthly wage: HK$3,920 (or US$505, UK£331).

Image via

Source: The Standard, 2012. Maids are exempt from the minimum wage law.

Cleaner average monthly wage: HK$7,641 (or US$984, UK£646).

POLITICS – Security Chief Tells Women: ‘Reduce Drinking’ to Get Raped Less 39

Prize fool and HK Security Chief, Lai Tung-Kwok, has advised women to cut down on drinking in order to reduce the city’s soaring rape figures…

“All of these (rape) cases happened between those who know each other. They are either friends, close friends or they just met a few hours ago… Some of these cases also involved the victims being raped after drinking quite a lot of alcohol. So I would ask that young ladies not drink too much.”

The Standard reported on his comments today but failed to call him out on them. Cases of rape have increased 60% to 35 reported incidents in the first quarter of 2013, yet attitudes which blame victims excuse perpetrators and reduce the likelihood of prosecuting rapists.

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Image via SCMP

Netizens on Facebook & Reddit shared their thoughts…