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POLITICS – Average Salaries of Those Who Serve Us 17

Last week, a taxi driver named Tam Hoi-chi found himself in court after pocketing 50-cents when dropping off a woman in the New Territories. He fought in a pointless 6-month court battle, whilst many other states may have charged the passenger for wasting police time…

The SCMP revealed that “…the passenger did not ask for the 50 cents at the time but later complained to the police.”  If only the police and our legal system pursued corporate criminals with the same vigour.

W1acWsel.jpg (640×398)

Long-suffering taxi driver, Tam Hoi-chi, via SCMP

Inspired by the passenger’s behaviour, we present a collection of average salaries for service staff in Hong Kong…

Domestic Maid monthly wage: HK$3,920 (or US$505, UK£331).

Image via

Source: The Standard, 2012. Maids are exempt from the minimum wage law.

Cleaner average monthly wage: HK$7,641 (or US$984, UK£646).

POLITICS – Security Chief Tells Women: ‘Reduce Drinking’ to Get Raped Less 39

Prize fool and HK Security Chief, Lai Tung-Kwok, has advised women to cut down on drinking in order to reduce the city’s soaring rape figures…

“All of these (rape) cases happened between those who know each other. They are either friends, close friends or they just met a few hours ago… Some of these cases also involved the victims being raped after drinking quite a lot of alcohol. So I would ask that young ladies not drink too much.”

The Standard reported on his comments today but failed to call him out on them. Cases of rape have increased 60% to 35 reported incidents in the first quarter of 2013, yet attitudes which blame victims excuse perpetrators and reduce the likelihood of prosecuting rapists.

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Image via SCMP

Netizens on Facebook & Reddit shared their thoughts…

HK LIFE – Navigating HSBC’s New ATM Card Farce 38

Travelling this summer? Expect a financial farce courtesy of HK’s banks if you’ve any intention to access your cash…

Why is my ATM card a piece of crap now?
Several major banks forced customers onto the UnionPay ATM network this year, instead of the internationally recognised, VISA-backed ‘Plus’ system. The mainland government-backed UnionPay network is operated under the People’s Bank of China, leading some conspiratorial HK Netizens to become suspicious of the changeover, as documented over on BadCanto Blog.

My card doesn’t work in foreign ATMS!
There are not many UnionPay-friendly terminals outside of Asia. Even if you find one, it may not have been updated to cope with new chipped cards. You can check on the Union Pay ‘globalisation’ pages to see if the card is accepted anywhere in your destination country (the site is reassuringly riddled with grammar and spelling errors).

BLOG – Heroes & Villains: Chan Chung-lam & Mr Zheng

Hong Wrong hereby announces the first ‘Heroes & Villains’ bout, recognising the best and worse our city has to offer…

Chan Chung-lam is officially a Hong Kong hero… Last week, he found a plastic bag containing around HK$74,000 in cash on a bus. It had been left behind by a 26-year-old pub manager who fell asleep on the 68X from Yuen Long to Mongkok. Chan, 60, picked up the bag, called 999 and cooperated with the police to ensure the money was returned to its rightful owner.

ACTIVISM – Giant Dog Shit is Re-dedicated to Politician Chan Kam-Lam 11

Dreadful pro-Beijing DAB politician Chan Kam-lam reckons that art in HK should be censored, believing that works such as Tiananmen by Ai Wei Wei have no place at the upcoming contemporary art museum, Mobile+.  

The SCMP reported that Chan said that “Works that are indecent, vulgar, political and insulting are not works of art”. As a response to this viewpoint – a re-dedication ceremony took place yesterday at the Cultural District, where a giant inflatable pile of dog shit was renamed in his honour. Permanent signage was erected to inform visitors of the new commemoration…

‘Complex Shit’ by Paul McCarthy re-dedicated to Mr Chan.

The pile of shit has a lot in common with Chan Kam-lam – not only does he talk a lot of crap, but both of them are full of hot air and lacking in intellect.

It is not the only dubious accolade Chan received this year… He also happens also to be the laziest lawmaker in LEGCO. In February, it was reported that he had not initiated one single question or tabled a motion since the Legislative Council resumed last October.

Jrr7Cqxl.jpg (640×222)

Left: Tiananmen (1998) by Ai Wei Wei. Right: Chan Kam-lam looking proper miserable.

By closing time last night, security and volunteers at the site were happy to leave the tribute to Mr Chan in place.

POLITICS – The Heart-Warming Kindness of Hong Kong’s Heroes 9

Kind-hearted Hong Kongers are recognising that charity begins at home… Yesterday, the SCMP reported on the story of Benson Tsang who made a simple, personal protest against government inaction. He used his HK$6000 handout to buy food from local momma-and-poppa stores and distributed it amongst the needy. After posting about his efforts on Facebook, many others followed his example with ‘People’s Handouts’…

JbKmW.jpg (474×425)

His actions came months after a Food and Environmental Hygiene Department ‘clean-up operation’, which saw homeless people’s bedding, identity documents, phones and clothing confiscated and thrown away. Meanwhile, China Daily reported that deaths are so common amongst street sleepers that there is now an official procedure in place for disposing of ‘unclaimed’ bodies. In 2009, an unarmed Nepali homeless man was shot by police in Ho Man Tin.

These incidents prove that district councils are failing to treat the root causes of the problem. The Social Welfare Department stated in January that there are now 504 registered homeless people in HK.

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