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PHOTOGRAPHY – Exploring Ma On Shan’s Abandoned Iron Mine Complex 2

Between 1906 and 1976, Ma On Shan was home to a booming iron ore mine…

Ma On Shan Mine


An expert team from HK URBEX explored the underground network last month…

Raw iron ore was once transported to a processing plant 200 metres from the coast on what was the city’s first electric tram.

PHOTOGRAPHY – The Ghost Villages of Yung Shue Au & Sam A Tsuen

Yung Shue Au 榕樹凹, translated as ‘Banyan Pass’, is located just outside of Starling Islet within Plover Cove Country Park.

As with many villages in the area, the population dwindled during the 50s, 60s and 70s as the residents left for the city and for Europe, leaving the buildings to be slowly digested by nature.

PHOTOGRAPHY – So Lo Pun: HK’s Ancient ‘Haunted’ Abandoned Village 10

So Lo Pun 鎖羅盆 is arguably one of Hong Kong’s oldest, most ‘haunted’ and most rural abandoned villages.

Encircled by thick forest and beautiful mangroves, the name ‘So Lo Pun’ translates literally as ‘the compass is locked’. This is because hikers have supposedly reported that compasses tend to stop working when they enter the area.

There is evidence that the village had been inhabited since 872 AD but by the 1980s, it had been almost completely deserted.

PHOTOGRAPHY – The Half-Submerged Cargo Ship Currently Abandoned off Cheung Chau 7

A half-submerged Vietnamese freighter is currently sat glumly off the coast of Cheung Chau after running aground last month.

hagxjUvl.png (640×324)

A HK URBEX team explored the stricken Sunrise Orient last week…

It was shot with a GoPro HERO 3+ (head), HERO 1 (selfie stick) and a HERO 2 mounted on the DJI Phantom 2…

PHOTOGRAPHY – The Semi-Abandoned Hakka Walled Village of Lai Chi Wo 5

Deep within Plover Cove country park in the north-eastern fringe of Hong Kong lies the semi-abandoned Hakka Walled Village of Lai Chi Wo 荔枝窩.

It is surrounded by forests, mangroves and remains home to many plants, trees and insects which are unique to the protected ‘GeoPark’ region.

Over 100 years ago, Lai Chi Wo remained a poor village. A Feng Shui expert recommended that a wall be built around the village to retain wealth and ward off bad luck.

PHOTOGRAPHY – The Creepy Abandoned Holiday Resort of Broken Dreams, Pt.1 3

In 2006, a Wanchai bar owner leased a plot of land in the isolated, abandoned village of Tai She Wan 大蛇灣 (Snake Bay).

Inaccessible by road, it was hoped the secluded ‘Club Captain Bear’ would be a magnet for water sports fans…

The experiment failed and the newly refurbished buildings and swimming pool were left to decay.

Environmental activists, such as Paul Zimmerman, have been campaigning against the construction waste and state of the site.

PLACES – Kuk Po, Part 4: Plover Cove Abandoned Ghost Town Revisited 3

What remains of Kuk Po took a battering from the elements this summer as floods and typhoons caused damage to the decaying remnants of a once-thriving community. The fate of the abandoned village remains up in the air as the government seek to rezone the the rural site, preventing ex-villagers from rebuilding.

Conservationists have been working to identify rare species in the area in the hope such findings will prevent redevelopment.

Click here to see part 1 of Hong Wrong’s photos from the ghost town, and here for the follow-up.

PLACES – The Semi-Abandoned Village of Luk Keng Chan Uk 7

Luk Keng Chan Uk is a small, semi-abandoned village way up near the border in the New Territories.

As the name suggests, it is mainly inhabited by the Chan clan and it remains a mostly Hakka-speaking village.

Historically, livestock farming and crops were the main source of income for the residents, though most now have left.