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BLOG – GovHK’s 2017 Campaign Bus Photo Sparks Glorious Photoshop Battle 1

The ‘2017 Make It Happen‘ campaign bus received a less-than-enthusiastic welcome as it sped around Hong Kong this weekend. The event was part of a wider push to promote the government’s restrictive electoral reform package, which is in-keeping with the proposal handed down last August by Beijing.

The government’s own press handout picture, featuring an ecstatic Carrie Lam rallying non-existent supporters, sparked an inevitable Mystery Bus Tour Photoshop battle.

Hong Kong Government's 2017 campaign

Via GovHK

via Owen Chiang

via Owen Chiang

BLOG – John Tsang Selfie Stick Photoshop Special 2

This evening, Financial Secretary John Tsang posted a selfie with journalists on his new Facebook page. It was a special selfie in that it was shot using a timer and a selfie-stick hours after he delivered this year’s budget.

Krv2jkJ.jpg (960×720)

Hong Wrong is happy to help kick off the inevitable photoshop frenzy. We have provided a PNG file for those who’d like to create their own masterpiece (scroll to the bottom).

BLOG – Global Times vs. SCMP Editorials: Spot the Difference Quiz! 3

Pop quiz! Can you tell the difference between quotes from Global Times (“voice” of the Communist Party) and South China Morning Post editorials? All extracts relate to the Occupy movement. Click on the date-stamp for the answer!

Editors Hu Xijin vs Wang Xiangwei

Editors Hu Xijin vs Wang Xiangwei

Appropriate accompanying quiz music

“As the Occupy Central impasse drags on, those behind the civil disobedience movement find themselves under growing pressure to review their strategy. The ideas being considered are anything but constructive”

Global Times or SCMP editorial? Published on 6/11/14 – click for answer. 

“Hong Kong’s rule of law has been severely challenged by street politics, which continues to haunt Hong Kong society.”

Global Times or SCMP editorial? Published on 2/12/14 – click for answer. 

“There has been no precedent that the rule of law can stay unaffected when political chaos is taking place, and Hong Kong is no exception. Both Occupy Central and the incident yesterday show similar disregard for Hong Kong’s rule of law.”

Global Times or SCMP editorial? Published on 20/11/14 – click for answer. 

“However lofty the goal, Occupy has not brought Hong Kong closer to democracy. Instead of being civilised and peaceful, the protests were marred by scuffles and clashes. “

Global Times or SCMP editorial? Published on 4/12/14 – click for answer. 

BLOG – Create Your Own Xi Jinping Yellow Umbrella Photoshop Masterpiece 1

President Xi Jinping has become an unlikely mascot of the umbrella movement – especially in Mong Kok, where at least seven cardboard cut-outs adorn the occupy camp’s barricades. More than a humorous aside, the mere presence of the life-size Xi’s is said to “deter” pro-China antagonists – or so it is hoped.

Now you can create your own Xi Jinping yellow umbrella art works like this…

VIDEO – Man Risks HK$5K Fine for ‘Intimacy’ With MTR Pole 1

The MTR have warned that anyone performing lewd acts within the metro system is liable to a HK$5,000 fine. The comment came after a video emerged of a local man, in his 50s, performing an intimate act with a pole (of the metal, not European variety).

‘Alex’, the netizen who uploaded the video, told The Standard that “The man literally put his hand in his trousers and was, like, searching something.” He said the man was pole-hugging “non-stop“, christening him “Uncle Pole“.