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Photoshop battle: After being rescued from a flood, a little pig goes a long way

Heavy floods rocked Yibin County, Sichuan province in August, requiring villagers to evacuate themselves and their belongings from Hengjiang village.

As rescue workers waded through the water to help one pig to safety, internet users were charmed after it was caught on camera “smiling.” A Photoshop battle soon ensued…

flood pig smiling

The original image.

flood pig smiling

Photo: MixSaffron/Reddit.

flood pig smiling

Photo: Shopdude/Reddit and Metalkon/Reddit.

flood pig smiling

Photo: Cynar/Reddit.

flood pig smiling

Photo: itsinfo/Reddit.

flood pig smiling

Photo: avisioncame/Reddit and Razor505/Reddit.

Video: ‘America First, Hong Kong Second’ – Local takes on the Trump parodies sweeping the internet

As the “America First” parody videos sweep the internet, Hong Kong’s HK01 have produced their own bang-up-to-date local take on the Donald Trump-inspired meme…

There is also a more nostalgic “royal” version gaining traction online…

america first hong kong second

Don’t give up the day job: Hong Kong lawmakers star in painfully out-of-tune LegCo karaoke video

Ding-dong-ding-dong… It’s the video no-one asked for. The karaoke hit of the year. Starring all your favourite Hong Kong legislators – and Ann Chiang.

legco karaoke

Photo: RTHK screenshot.

Produced by RTHK, the end-of-year LegCo karaoke video was released on Thursday evening on the channel’s Legco Review programme. It has since received over a thousand “likes” and 900 shares on Facebook.

Care to sing along?

Blood Umbrella :  A film ten years in the making

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By Hong Kong Hermit.

Hong Kong cinema isn’t dead. It was merely resting. As you may have seen reported on Friday, this year’s biggest blockbuster is getting ready to film, and only I, the Hong Kong Hermit, have been privileged enough to be shown an advance copy of the script. I’m here to tell you folks, this film is red hot. Well, it’s certainly red. Does it have action, adventure, a deep and sensitive exploration of the human condition? No, it has so much more than that.

Brought to you by Liaison Office Film Productions, and the Justice Alliance, I give you Blood Umbrella.

Video: Beauty vlogger gives makeup tutorial on how to look like CY Leung

A Hong Kong beauty vlogger has posted a makeup tutorial teaching others how to look like Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying. Joshi Fu posted in video earlier this year amid fears that the Copyright Amendment bill – also known as the “internet Article 23” – would be passed.

Throughout the video, Fu is merciless with her criticism of the Chief Executive and sneaks snarky and hilarious remarks into the subtitles whenever possible.

“689 isn’t afraid to show us his true face and how evil he really looks – he doesn’t need foundation,” she said.

Shit robots of the People’s Republic of China

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By Hong Kong Hermit.

China is to be congratulated on how often it is associated with words such as innovation, originality, and forward-thinking. Admittedly always preceded by the phrase “lack of” but baby steps people, baby steps. The latest trend in state-approved examples of China’s cutting-edge technological progress can be witnessed in the recent flood of news pieces about Chinese robots.

Shit Chinese robots. Endless, endless stories about shit Chinese robots.

Hong Kong blogger creates creative ‘warning icons’ for city life

A series of original customised warning icons mimicking the ones used by the Hong Kong Observatory for weather alerts have gained popularity after being published by local blog Expat Lingo.

Expat Lingo

Photo: Expat Lingo

The blog is run by Jennifer Brown, an American former-lawyer who currently lives in Hong Kong with her husband and two children. The six original icons include tongue-in-cheek references to aspects of Hong Kong life such as the Hong Kong Sevens (Drunk Seven Fan Warning), crowds of mainland tourists (Golden Week), and clandestine street races (Boy Racers).

Regina Leung completes year-long metamorphosis into fully-fledged lobster

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Regina Leung, wife of embattled Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying, has completed a year-long transition into a fully-fledged crevice-dwelling lobster.

Leung’s slow transformation into a large marine crustacean began last April. By July she had developed a hard protective exoskeleton and rudimentary claws. Following a series of moults, doctors noted the addition of antennae and a mushy tail by Christmas.

regina leung

Leung’s year-long metamorphosis.

Residents living near to Government House reported hearing Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying roar: “It is done – the cycle is complete!” from a balcony at 6am on Friday morning.

New HK$25bn ‘HarbourLink’ project to link HK Island and Kowloon by cable car

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For the first time since the opening of the Western Harbour Crossing in 1997, Hongkongers are soon to have another option when crossing the city’s iconic waterfront. The city’s two tallest skyscrapers – the International Finance Centre II (IFC2) on Hong Kong Island and the International Commerce Centre (ICC) in Kowloon are set to be linked by gondola cable car.

cable car

Photo: White Elephant Construction.

Due for completion in late 2017, the HK$24 billion “Harbourlink” is the city’s latest infrastructure project. It will see the Sky 100 observation deck at the ICC connected to the 88th floor of the IFC, which is currently home to the Hong Kong Monetary Authority.

Zuckerberg taunted over FB China access after posting Tiananmen jogging pic

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg was taunted by netizens after posting a picture on the social media site of him running through Tiananmen Square in Beijing on Friday morning.

Many were curious as to how Zuckerberg bypassed the country’s online censorship, as Facebook is generally inaccessible in China without the use of a virtual private network (VPN). Scholarism convenor and student activist Joshua Wong shared the post on his Facebook page asking, “How [did you] update your Facebook in China, Mark?”

Civic Passion leader Wong Yeung-tat commented similarly asking, “How did you get [past] the ‘Great Firewall’?”


Zuckerberg running through Tiananmen. Photo: Mark Zuckerberg via Facebook.