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PHOTOGRAPHY – Occupy Central is ON as Organisers Declare an “Era of Disobedience”

Occupy Central leaders officially launched their civil disobedience campaign outside government headquarters tonight in Admiralty.

0ywgKfC.jpg (1229×623)

As of this evening, student protesters from the ‘Scholarism’ movement are gathered outside the Hyatt hotel in Wanchai, where the National People’s Congress Standing Committee Deputy Secretary-General and Basic Law Committee Chairman Li Fei is believed to be staying.

PHOTOGRAPHY – Student Project Asks Hong Kongers: What Would You Change?

Cameos‘ approached a number of Hong Kongers with questions, “hoping not only for an answer but for them to have a moment to collect their thoughts and consider their ambition and goals.”

Cameos hong kong

Founded just last week, the project is the culmination of a group of student’s ideas and thoughts on the world today.“Its purpose is to serve as a mirror – to reflect both the minute and the major consequentialities of the behaviour of individuals.” Their first series is entitled ‘Change’…

Cameos HK

“What’s one thing you really want right now?” “To play soccer.”

PHOTOGRAPHY – Edward Barnieh’s Vibrant Hong Kong Instagram Shots 1

Englishman Edward Barnieh has a sizeable Instagram following, where he showcases his shots of Hong Kong. Today, he shares some of his favourites with Hong Wrong…

 Edward Barnieh Hong Kong photography

He says, “I try to capture both the beauty and the reality of Hong Kong. How it is enjoyed by both locals, visitors and people who have never experienced this fascinating city.”