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PHOTOGRAPHY – Edward Barnieh’s Vibrant Hong Kong Instagram Shots 1

Englishman Edward Barnieh has a sizeable Instagram following, where he showcases his shots of Hong Kong. Today, he shares some of his favourites with Hong Wrong…

 Edward Barnieh Hong Kong photography

He says, “I try to capture both the beauty and the reality of Hong Kong. How it is enjoyed by both locals, visitors and people who have never experienced this fascinating city.”

PHOTOGRAPHY – Domestic Worker & Photographer Xyza Cruz Bacani

Filipino domestic worker Xyza Cruz Bacani‘s black and white street photography caught the attention of the New York Times this week. Today, she shares her work with Hong Wrong & HK Helpers Campaign.

Xyza works for an ageing Chinese-Australian woman in a wealthy part of Hong Kong.

PHOTOGRAPHY – Breathtaking Photos of Hong Kong by Alex Ogle, Part 1 1

Alex Ogle moved to Hong Kong from Washington DC two years ago. He is a photojournalist on AFP’s photodesk, mostly working as an editor…

Alex Ogle Photography

However, he occasionally gets to take shots around the city for work and hopes to one day become a full-time photographer.

HISTORY – How Hong Kong Was Made: Iconic Buildings Under Construction 9

Completed in 1972, Jardine House was the tallest in Asia, built on reclaimed land under the agreement that no other building would obstruct its views. With 52 floors, it was constructed with a metal frame and a curtain wall and round windows – a design which earned it the nickname “House of a Thousand Arseholes.”…

MUG7bl.jpg (628×640)

via Sing Tao