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HISTORY – 1000+ ‘Before and After’ Photos of Old & New Hong Kong 35

‘HK Man’ has copiled an impressive Flickr collection of over 1000 ‘before & after’ photos of old and new Hong Kong. Each photo of bygone HK is contrasted with a more recent one…

UxUjcl.jpg (640×305)

…Reassuringly, some scenes – like the trams – never change…

URBEX – Exploring Hong Kong’s Abandoned Kai Tak Police Base 1

Guest post from the HK URBEX team – follow them on Facebook. See also: A Brief History of Kai Tak Airport.

As the former operational base for Hong Kong’s old Kai Tak Airport, this disused 10-storey police station mainly dealt with the day-to-day regulation of crime, security and other special operations.

BLOG – John Tsang Selfie Stick Photoshop Special 2

This evening, Financial Secretary John Tsang posted a selfie with journalists on his new Facebook page. It was a special selfie in that it was shot using a timer and a selfie-stick hours after he delivered this year’s budget.

Krv2jkJ.jpg (960×720)

Hong Wrong is happy to help kick off the inevitable photoshop frenzy. We have provided a PNG file for those who’d like to create their own masterpiece (scroll to the bottom).

PHOTOGRAPHY – Rainer Torrado’s Unique Take on Hong Kong’s Neon Signs

Hong Kong’s neon signs are usually shot face-on, but Spanish photographer Rainer Torrado has produced a unique take on the the city’s iconic lights.

Shot vertically from below during night time, the glowing neon tubes contrast with the night sky. “Structural wires act as a testimony of the human intervention on a dark, ruthless nature,” Torrado writes.

NEWS – Umbrella Movement Reconvenes as Thousands March for Democracy

A Huffington Post cross-feature.

Fifty-two days after the main occupy protest site was cleared, protesters reconvened on Hong Kong Island today for a pro-democracy rally.

Organisers say 13,000 took part whilst police estimated that 6,600 were present.