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PLACES – Sea Ranch: The 1970s ‘Post-Apocalyptic Discovery Bay’ Once Left to Decay 2

In an accessible area of south-west Lantau lies a 200-unit 1970s luxury resort called Sea Ranch. The eerie residential development was once described by Time Out as feeling “like visiting Discovery Bay after a direct hit from a neutron bomb“.

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The resort was completed in 1979, but accrued massive debt and was the subject of years of legal wrangling. Despite its notoriety, the self-contained enclave in Chi Ma Wan has quite idyllic surroundings and is visible to passengers on the Hong Kong-Macau ferry routes.

There is now renewed interest, with several units undergoing refurbishment and more residents moving there, attracted by the secluded setting.

PHOTOGRAPHY – Couple Visits Every Single MTR Station 1

Mark O’Leary and Aisling McDonnell spent a year ‘collecting’ all 83 Hong Kong MTR stations and have just published their colourful photo series…

OhDPBCE.jpg (900×290)

The couple, who were resident in Hong Kong for three years, used objects from around their home as part of their ‘MTR Challenge’.

Many of their poses and props are relevant to each station’s name. Can you spot all of the references?

PLACES – Chi Lin Nunnery & Nan Lian Gardens 1

Chi Lin Nunnery and neighbouring Nan Lian Gardens rank 4th and 8th place respectively on TripAdvisor’s top 400 local attractions. 

Yet the sites, which are within walking distance of Diamond Hill MTR (Exit C), remain curiously off the radar for many Hong Kongers.

The nunnery is a large 33,000 square metre Buddhist temple complex founded in 1934 and rebuilt in the 90s.

PLACES – Kuk Po, Part 4: Plover Cove Abandoned Ghost Town Revisited 3

What remains of Kuk Po took a battering from the elements this summer as floods and typhoons caused damage to the decaying remnants of a once-thriving community. The fate of the abandoned village remains up in the air as the government seek to rezone the the rural site, preventing ex-villagers from rebuilding.

Conservationists have been working to identify rare species in the area in the hope such findings will prevent redevelopment.

Click here to see part 1 of Hong Wrong’s photos from the ghost town, and here for the follow-up.

PLACES – The Semi-Abandoned Village of Luk Keng Chan Uk 7

Luk Keng Chan Uk is a small, semi-abandoned village way up near the border in the New Territories.

As the name suggests, it is mainly inhabited by the Chan clan and it remains a mostly Hakka-speaking village.

Historically, livestock farming and crops were the main source of income for the residents, though most now have left.

PLACES – A Visit to Mongkok’s Japanese ‘Maid Cafe’ 4

If you’ve visited Causeway Bay’s cat cafe but avoided Mongkok’s maid cafes on the grounds they might be a bit awkward, then congrats – as you were probably right.

wljqs7l.jpg (655×367)

Is… is that a sheep on your shoulder or are you just pleased to see me?

Japanese-style ‘Meido Kafes‘ are a kind of cosplay restaurant that originated in Tokyo’s tech/’geek’ district of Akihabara – an area comparable to Sham Shui Po, albeit on steroids.

RcKbaBFl.jpg (640×189)

PLACES – HK’s Least Loved Outlying Island? A Visit to Peng Chau 4

A short distance from the southern coastline of Lantau lies the small island of Peng Chau…

Not to be confused with Ping Chau in HK’s northeast, this rustic yet easily accessible island has an area of less on 1km.

PHOTOGRAPHY – Ma Wan, Part 2: The Ghost Town Where All Residents Were Evicted 11

More from the abandoned ghost town of Ma Wan. Click here for part 1 of the photo series and to learn about what happened on the small island…