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PHOTOGRAPHY – E.P. Miller’s Beautiful Umbrella Movement Photography

Hong Kong business, lifestyle and portrait photographer E.P. Miller specialises in capturing the unique personal qualities of people at work and casual settings. His latest set was shot at the Umbrella Movement protest sites.

He says: “Pro-democracy demonstrators have created a culture that is creative, peaceful and resourceful. These things are ingrained in the human experience but the combination and delivery of these things is distinctive to the culture of Hong Kong. The significance of it all is present in the eyes and expressions of the people I meet. Capturing that is a natural extension to the type of photography I’m most passionate about doing.”

NEWS – Climbers Unfurl Huge Pro-Democracy Banner on Lion Rock (Part 1/2) 6

Viewable for miles around, a huge yellow banner reading “I want genuine universal suffrage” has been hung upon Lion Rock. A group of climbers known as ‘The Hong Kong Spidie’ unfurled the 6mx28m banner earlier today. See part 2, here.

lion rock banner

via waihonso on Flickr

The groups says that, through its action, it “aims to redefine the beauty of the ‘Spirit of Hong Kong people’ – not merely shown in the city’s economic growth but in the recent Umbrella Movement to demand for democracy and universal suffrage.”

HELPERS – Domestic Workers Share Their Thoughts on Occupy Central

A cross-post from our sister site, HK Helpers Campaign.

HK Helpers Campaign volunteers Meredith McBride & Vivian Yan spoke to some of the city’s domestic worker community about the Umbrella Movement occupation protests.

Catherine, from the Philippines, has been living in Hong Kong for 3 years.

“The protesters want this fight and are against China. Maybe they can help us to make… law[s] in favour of the domestic workers? Maybe for me, I am in favour of the protesters because they really fight for their rights, for their democracy.  They make a lot of sacrifices so I hope they win.”

EVENT – Slutwalk 2014, this Sunday 2pm: Against Sexual Assault at Occupy

This Sunday, 2pm in Causeway Bay, protesters will gather to rally against sexual harassment and assault in Hong Kong.

Slutwalk 2014

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The focus this year will be on incidents at the Occupy protests.

Slutwalk 2014


In a statement earlier in the protests about violence and police inaction, Amnesty International said “women and girls were among those targeted, including incidents of sexual assault, harassment and intimidation.”

BLOG – Companies Trying to Sue Occupiers Have Corporate Votes in HK Elections

Two transport associations who issued court injunctions against Occupy protesters yesterday are allowed a vote to select Hong Kong election candidates. The Taxi Drivers & Operators Association and the Kowloon Public Light Bus Chiu Chow Traders & Workers Friendly Association have corporate votes under the city’s convoluted ‘Functional Constituencies’ election model.

DsmKSpI.jpg (897×542)

Transport sector functional constituency listing, via

This system allows for industrial, commercial, financial and other sectors to have thousands of votes that – in real democracies – would be assigned to people. 

VIDEO – Smoking Gun: Police Blindly Beat Peaceful Protesters With Batons

Footage has emerged of police using batons against protesters on Friday who were not posing a threat. A video clip uploaded to Facebook today shows police in Mong Kok – under the supervision of Superintendent Paul Renouf – unfurling red warning banners stating “stop charging or we will use force”. Protesters – some huddled behind umbrellas – had their hands up and were not charging police lines.

More footage of police misbehaviour on Friday and Saturday can be viewed here. Photos here.