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HELPERS – Justice for Erwiana: Former Employer Guilty on 18 Charges

The packed court room broke into applause after Judge Amanda Woodcock convicted Hong Kong woman Law-Wan-tung on 18 charges for inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent, assault and criminal intimidation of Erwiana Sulistyaningsih and Tutik Lestari Ningsih.

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“I am sure she (Erwiana) was telling the truth,” said Judge Woodcock as she read her findings the room full of journalists, activists, and friends. “I believe her testimony in its entirety,” citing credibility as a crucial issue in her findings.

“When she left Hong Kong, she was a shadow of her former self,” said Judge Woodcock, citing Erwiana’s sunken eyes, swollen eyes and faces and wounds. Some of Erwiana’s injuries were caused by prolonged exposure to water and cleaning solutions, however over a dozen other injuries were not accounted for by this explanation. The attempt by the defence to pass Erwiana’s skin problems off as acne were “desperate and fanciful constructions,” said Woodcock.

BLOG – Yellow & Blue Clash in Tai Po: Analysis from the ‘New Frontline’ by Richard Scotford

A guest post by Richard Scotford.

To understand what happened in Tai Po yesterday you have to first know what happened in Kwun Tong last weekend.

A lot of money is now being pumped into grassroots groups that support the Blue Ribbons, which are flush with cash but short on real, quality support. In comparison, local Pro-Democracy groups are all but penniless, but have growing, hardcore support. The CCP wishes to turn these groups against one another. This is a classic CCP tactic, or create enemies and contradictions between the people so people fight people leaving the CCP to pillage unfettered and uncriticised. The CCP have being instigating this kind of class struggle since their inception and they have a lot of experience with it. However, what they don’t have experience with are genuinely civic minded groups that can’t just be locked up for a decades to remove the problem. Meaning, that in HK, their tried and tested methods don’t get the traction they’re used to on the Mainland.

CY Leung

Via Richard Scotford

Which brings us back to Kwun Tong. Last Sunday the Blue Ribbons had a stage set up. There are several videos of the speakers on stage and one can confidently say that what they were advocating wasn’t really resonating with the passers-by. What was interesting is that anyone who tried to film the stage was quickly surrounded by a number of people who blocked the camera and acted menacingly. Which beggars the question, why are they making a public stage if they don’t want their message to be filmed and recorded? Maybe the person filming wanted to promote the message? The reality is these groups are very exclusive, not inclusive. They may be on the streets spreading their message, but their target audience is generally reserved for a small group of people who think exactly like them. Any challenging questions will be quickly met with intimidation, violence and gestures for you to leave.

BLOG – Police Action in Tai Po Called into Question

‘Front-line’ protest groups, such as Frontline Democracy, the Faculty of Orchid Gardening and Civic Passion, gathered in Tai Po yesterday facing off with police and pro-government protesters led by Leticia Lee.

Six people, including five police officers were injured during scuffles and three men were arrested. Two of them remain in custody for questioning, one has been released, according to police.

In one clip of the unrest posted by @lostdutchhk, police are seen holding a man in a chokehold embrace before he apparently loses consciousness. 

NEWS – Umbrella Movement Reconvenes as Thousands March for Democracy

A Huffington Post cross-feature.

Fifty-two days after the main occupy protest site was cleared, protesters reconvened on Hong Kong Island today for a pro-democracy rally.

Organisers say 13,000 took part whilst police estimated that 6,600 were present.

VIDEO – New VICE News Occupy Clearance Documentary

On Friday, VICE News published their final documentary on the Umbrella Movement. ‘Hong Kong Silenced’ includes footage of the Mong Kok and Admiralty occupy site clearances, an interview with student leader Nathan Law, a clip of a protester from the mainland and evidence of some rather gung ho police tactics…