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NEWS – Umbrella Movement Reconvenes as Thousands March for Democracy

A Huffington Post cross-feature.

Fifty-two days after the main occupy protest site was cleared, protesters reconvened on Hong Kong Island today for a pro-democracy rally.

Organisers say 13,000 took part whilst police estimated that 6,600 were present.

VIDEO – New VICE News Occupy Clearance Documentary

On Friday, VICE News published their final documentary on the Umbrella Movement. ‘Hong Kong Silenced’ includes footage of the Mong Kok and Admiralty occupy site clearances, an interview with student leader Nathan Law, a clip of a protester from the mainland and evidence of some rather gung ho police tactics…

BLOG – ‘Decolonisation': Beijing’s Slow Reinterpretation of Hong Kong’s Basic Law

At the FCC on Monday, veteran journalist Ching Cheong argued that, since 2003, Beijing’s treatment of Hong Kong amounts to a de facto amendment to the Basic Law.

Cheong, who is chairman of the Independent Commentators Association, said that China misread the mass pro-democracy protests of 2003, attributing them to a lack of patriotism and a colonial hangover. Therefore, Beijing began a slow ‘decolonisation’ process, involving the enforcement of ‘national education’ and a greater role for Chinese authorities in running the SAR.

In preparation for this shift of policy towards Hong Kong, Beijing sparked debates in the city about the meaning of patriotism and the nature of the Basic Law.

During the launch of a new campaign group called ‘2047 Monitor’ Cheong presented a chronology detailing how China has eroded the SAR’s mini-constitution over the past 12 years.

Full presentation:

VIDEO – Ummissable New Film of the Mong Kok Occupy Clearance

On the morning of November 26th, 2014, Hong Kong police began an operation to clear the pro-democracy protest camp in Mong Kok. Within 24-hours, almost all signs of the protest encampment had disappeared, but activists were using new street tactics in their fight for universal suffrage.

Videographer Nathan Mauger presents the third in a series of cinematic videos shot during the height of the Mong Kok unrest.

Mauger’s footage reveals how the Mong Kok occupation evolved into the ‘shopping’ trips which continue nightly to this day.

wIRfXKa.jpg (847×470)

At one point, a police officer is shown ordering a journalist to stop photographing him. Another is seen telling a protest “fuck with me and get arrested.

hjbpGfr.jpg (847×474)

The definitive coverage includes subtitles, giving non-Chinese speakers a rare insight into the atmosphere on the front lines.

NEWS – New PEN Reports Raises the Alarm for Press Freedom

Hong Kong Media WatchA report on the declining state of press freedom in Hong Kong was published by the PEN American Centre yesterday. PEN are the latest international group to highlight the erosion of free speech and the rise of self-censorship in the city. Reporters Without Borders and the Committee to Protect Journalists have also raised the alarm in the past year, along with the local Independent Commentators Association and Hong Kong Journalists Association (HKJA), who described 2014 as the “darkest for press freedom for several decades“.

The PEN report detailed trends whereby the range of news and views available to Hong Kongers had narrowed. It also noted that media organisations were increasingly self-censoring stories that might conflict with their owners’ business interests in the mainland.

A five-page list of attacks on journalists during the Occupy protests and a table detailing instances of censorship were included. Both were compiled by the Hong Kong Journalists Association. 

NEWS – Ex-SCMP Editor & Student Protesters Appear At UK Inquiry Into Handover

Ex-South China Morning Post editor Jonathan Fenby and two students from the ‘Occupy the British Consulate‘ protest have appeared at the UK inquiry into the implementation of the 1984 Joint Agreement. The agreement gave rise to the Hong Kong’s 1997 handover from the British to China.

The students were invited to the UK after British MPs were barred from entering Hong Kong by the Chinese authorities. The unprecedented move sparked an ‘emergency debate’ in UK parliament.

0:00:34 Jonathan Fenby, Managing Director of China team at Trusted Sources and Editor of South China Morning Post, 1995–2000.
0:47:45 Tang Chi Tak, Student at Chinese University of Hong Kong & Hui Sin Tung, Student at University of Hong Kong.