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NEWS – Bank Won’t Apologise as ‘Racist’ Ad Sparks Outrage Amongst Netizens 6

Hong Leong Group’s ‘racist’ advert, featuring a man in ‘blackface’, has been made ‘private’ on YouTube after Hong Wrong invited readers to share their thoughts with the bank. The advert is presumably still running on ‘Roadshow’ bus TV channels though campaign material has been removed from their website. After two days of requests from the blog, the bank has yet to respond but gave a fallacious ‘non-apology apology‘ to a netizen saying it ‘regrets‘ customers took offence.

Outraged netizens have flooded the company’s social media pages with comments, with some asking why they couldn’t have simply hired a Filipino or Indonesian actor.

Racist Hong Kong advert reactions

NEWS – Publisher Defends Its ‘Offensive’ Textbook as Gov Apology Demanded 1

As Hong Wrong’s post about a controversial Hong Kong textbook went viral, the publisher, Educational Publishing House, finally responds in defence of its content.

In a statement obtained by the Apple DailySCMP, the publishers claimed the textbooks’ theme was “racial harmony” and that the examples were relevant: “If anyone suspects the textbook is discriminating against Filipinos, it would only be the individual’s personal view.”

Educational Publishing House

BLOG – Hong Kong Textbook Tells You to ‘Know Your Place!’ 71

Racist textbookIn case you were wondering about your destiny in Hong Kong, a primary school textbook is here to enlighten you with this fun ‘fill-in-the-blank’ task entitled ‘racial harmony’! The photograph below is going viral amongst parenting, Filipino and teacher forums online and is from the ‘New General Studies P3‘ textbook (Book 6) – ‘Living in Hong Kong’ chapter, published by Educational Publishing House Ltd.

h/t Sherin.

VIDEO – “Guy Steals Girl From Chinese Guy” Viral Video Enrages HK Netizens 18

A viral video shot in Lan Kwai Fong by self-declared ‘professional pick-up artist’ David ‘Bond‘ is causing a colossal storm on Hong Kong’s popular Golden Forum. In the cringe-inducing clip entitled ‘Guy Steals Girl From Chinese Guy‘, ‘Bond’ encourages a friend to ‘steal’ a local girl from another guy, who stands oddly motionless as the sorry ‘trumping’ unfolds. The video has been watched over a million times and attracted equal disapproval on Reddit.

The women involved were subsequently ‘human flesh searched’ and their names/photos appeared on several Facebook groups and pages. With pitchforks primed, netizens were also able to find out the real name and birthplace of ‘Bond’.

VIDEO – Going Viral: ‘Hong Kong Girls vs. Mainland Girls vs. ABC Girls’ 3

Popular amongst Hong Kong netizens this week is a video comparing Hong Kong girls, mainland girls and American-born Chinese girls. (See below the video for an English translation).

Below is an English translation courtesy of ‘heveabrasilien‘ on Reddit.

‘NEWS’ – HK Gov’t to Adapt Tsim Sha Tsui to Mainland Tourist Influx 5

eycwfAr.png (258×73)‘News’ from the Hong Wrong Sub-Standard: Hong Kong Chief Executive CY Leung announced this morning that key areas of Tsim Sha Tsui will be redeveloped to cope with the influx of mainland tourists. A government spokesperson said that modifications began overnight as rows of portable ’emergency use’ toilets were installed along Hankow Road…

Amidst rising tensions with local residents, the MTR Corporation responded to popular demand and announced that it will introduce ‘loud carriages’ on key lines…

tb3RWn5l.jpg (640×343)

Nominated stations will also feature a ‘Time Out Chair’ for both overly-rambunctious tourists and intolerant locals who heckle them…

POLITICS – Full Lowdown: Time Hong Kong Moved On from Manila Bus Crisis 50

The Hong Kong journalists removed from Indonesia’s APEC summit elicited little sympathy from netizens this week. HK radio and TV crews had their press passes revoked and were briefly detained by Bali Police after hollering questions about the Manila Bus Crisis at Benigno Aquino, president of the Philippines. Whilst this blog believes world leaders often deserve a good heckling, the reporters in question were accused of adopting an ‘activist’ approach by aggressively shouting irrelevant questions…

Some online commenters saw their actions as irresponsible and their eviction from the premises somewhat deserved, if not a little extreme. NOW TV, however, stated their reporters were “only engaged in normal reporting duties.” This is in-keeping with the competitive behaviour of tabloid journalists back in HK, where it is ‘normal’ to accost public figures, trigger scuffles with sharpened elbows or harass victims.

BLOG – Guide to Hong Kong’s Beaches 5

A mildly amusing and possibly offensive overview of HK’s beach scene…

Hong Kong Beaches