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POLITICS – Hong Kong NOT World’s Most Racist State After All 8

Several articles criticising the methodology behind the Washington Post Racism vs. Economic Freedom story have appeared online. The original piece by Max Fisher appeared to show HK to be the most racist state in the world.

Hong Wrong noted the survey was outdated, whilst Reddit-user ‘cf18’ examined the original questionnaire which translates from traditional Chinese as follows…

uJDho6c.png (430×266)

The original survey

“26. For people with these background, which do you find unacceptable to be your neighbour? [show card]”

a – with criminal record

b – different race

c – heavy drinker

d – emotionally unstable


Answer: (1) acceptable (2) unacceptable

The source data for the article presents participant’s answers differently. It summarises responses as if participants were presented with ‘tick boxes’ whereby each person checks off each of the various groups of people they would be uncomfortable living next to. The data for HK is presented as a plain: ‘participant mentioned‘ or ‘participant not mentioned‘, as opposed to ‘acceptable‘ or ‘unacceptable‘ for each one. This suggests the ‘mentioned’ numbers actually related to the ‘acceptable’ column, meaning the figures are inverted.  As ‘cf18’ notes…

‘NEWS’ – Colgate to Relaunch Darkie ‘Racist’ Toothpaste 10

eycwfAr.png (258×73)News’ from the Hong Wrong Sub-Standard: Colgate-Palmolive are relaunching their Darlie brand of toothpaste next month under its original name, ‘Darkie’. A spokesperson for the company stated that “With Obama as president, we now live in a post-racial society… Besides, it is not possible for Hong Kong people to be racist, as China never had slavery.”

Xo3OPwL.jpg (543×328)

We invited life-long black person and HK resident Malik DeAndre to try Darkie Whitening Toothpaste for one week. When asked whether the brand was ‘a bit racist’, he stated that Everyone’s a little bit racist, but when I use Darkie Whitening, it’s like I’m brushing away all those years of oppression and institutionalised discrimination.”

BLOG – We’re Number 1! Hong Kong is World’s Most Racist State 37

N.B. – See the update here.

Doing the rounds on HK’s social networks today is a survey featured in the Washington Post claiming Hong Kong to be one of the most racist states in the world. 71.8% of Hong Kongers would prefer not to live next to a person of a different race, compared to 71.7% of Bangladeshis – putting us at number 1…

LSWtQ4Ql.jpg (640×316)

via Washington Post, click to enlarge

Many mainstream media outlets are regurgitating the story without examining the data (with the dreaded Daily Mail labelling HK a ‘developing country‘). The original source is the World Values Survey and the figures for Hong Kong are 8 years old. The latest research was conducted in 2005, when 1252 people were questioned (1000 is the minimum). Bear in mind this represents less than 0.02% of the population.

EVENTS – Hong Kong Problems, the Theatrical Production

Part theatre experience. Part social media experiment‘, Hong Kong Problems: The Play opens next week and is based on the popular hashtag #hkproblems

“Ever had pedestrian rage in TST caused by an over abundance of copy watch guys? Suffer from a tiger mother? Do you know where your octopus card is?”

  • March 21st-23rd – next Thursday thru Saturday, at 8pm. Venue: Beating Heart, 7-9 Hill Rd., 8F, A2, Shek Tong Tsui. Price: HK$150 at the door, but ensure you reserve tickets here. BYOB.
  • There is a free preview performance this Wednesday at TDHK. Tickets here.

EVENTS – Russell Peters Live in Hong Kong 2

Today, it was announced that Russell Peters will be performing in Hong Kong on March 22nd. The gig, at AsiaWorld Expo, coincides with the first day of the Rugby 7s. The Asian leg of his Notorious world tour will also encompass Singapore and Malaysia this spring. Tickets are on sale via HK Ticketing here.

25Na1l.jpg (452×640)

Two essential HK-related videos… Filing under ‘Possibly Racist’

BLOG – ‘Gweilo Moments’ Song by RTHK’s Steve James 9

A song about the SAR’s ex-patriots by RTHK Radio 3’s Steve James

Gweilo moments, silly situations,
Gweilo moments, all those small frustrations.
You’re standing in line, the bus is on time and you started boarding,
Someone jumps the queue and that when you start throwing a wobbly.
Gweilo moments, a blood-boiling-type tantrum,
Gweilo moments, usually no good reason.

Can’t get in the lift, I can’t quite make it but the guy sees me running,
I don’t stand a chance, he’s avoiding my glance as the lift doors are closing.
Gweilo moments, self-induced frustration,
Gweilo moments, tsz seen reputation.
Time after time, I’m all on my own,
Gweilo moments, a pointless moan.

BLOG – The Weird World of HK Milk Advertising 9

There is a smattering of faux-outrage kicking off amongst local and Filipino netizens this week over a Hong Kong TV ad for Kowloon Dairy.

The advert, created by agency Leo Burnett, makes for a sad political commentary on the realities of middle-class parenting in high-pressure HK and the outsourcing of child-care. However, it’s the somewhat caricatured portrayal of a supposedly foreign domestic maid which is raising eyebrows. The actress appears to be Chinese (but with make-up and a ill-fitting wig), whilst pretty much all of the city’s helpers are Indonesian or Filipino.

Here’s Lillian Leong, boss of said advertising agency, spouting some nonsense about ‘satire’…

“We have lots of working mums in Hong Kong,” she said. “In a lot of cases that we heard, babies and kids are getting very close to the maids, moreso than the moms. I think our story is rooted with very deep insights about life in Hong Kong, and twisted with humor. We have no intention to satirise the maids.” Campaign China

Why board room PR-goons thought that often-irrational-parental-fears-over-their-child’s-loyalty would sell more cow juice remains a mystery…

BLOG – The Official Hong Kong Hiking Drinking Game 639

As you work your way around Hong Kong’s country parks, trails and hiking routes, grab your energy drink and play the Official Hong Kong Hiking Drinking Game as you inevitably encounter the following sights and curiosities…

Umbrella in the Sun – 2 shots

Pet Dog – 2 shots (extra shot if dog in baby back carrier)

White People – 2 shots (N.B. White people are concentrated on the Dragon’s Back route – it’s the only hike they know)

POLITICS – The HK Standard: Ignorant at Best, Racist at Worst 13

Mary Ma, of local free rag The (sub)Standard, is possibly Hong Kong’s most dreadful troll. When she isn’t lamenting HK’s freedom of speech or claiming the Tiananmen massacre is ‘bygones‘, she’s manufacturing outrage over the city’s most vulnerable residents.

In yesterday’s facepalm-inducing column, she compared asylum seekers to criminals (via “a quick internet search“) and then speculated that “probably only a handful” of asylum cases are genuine. Can this still even be called journalism? The newspaper claims to have won 11 awards in today’s edition – what was the competition like?