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HKFP History: A Brief Visual History of the Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Tower

Built with red bricks and granite, the Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Tower peaks at 44 metres and once dominated Victoria Harbour. It is now all that remains of the old Kowloon station on the waterfront.

Below is Victoria Terminus exactly 101 years ago, a few years after the line itself opened in 1910.

TST Clock Tower

Rickshaws await new arrivals – 1914. Photo: via Flickr.

The plan for the terminus was finalised in 1904, but World War I delayed construction.

Thxlul.jpg (611×377)

1910s. Photo: via

HKFP History: A brief visual history of the Peak Tram

It has been over 126 years since the Peak Tram opened in Hong Kong though, technically, it is not even a tram but a cable-hauled funicular railway. Below is a brief, visual history of one of the city’s most iconic treasures.

peak tram

Photo: richardwonghk6 on Flickr

The son of Queen Victoria, Alfred, became the first royal visitor to make a ritual trip to The Peak in 1869. It was noted how His Highness expressed “surprise that the wealthy merchant princes of the colony had not yet availed themselves of the opportunity of the presence in the vicinity of their city of a position offering so bracing a climate, in the hottest time of the year.” 

Take a digital helicopter ride: 3D Google Maps launched in Hong Kong

A three dimensional view of Hong Kong is now available on Google Maps.

hk google maps 3d

Photo: Google Maps.

Google Maps was first launched in 2005, and in 2007, Google Street View was introduced in several cities in the United States.

hk google maps 3d

Photo: Google Maps.

In 2008, Japan became the first country in Asia with the Google Street View service. It was made available in Hong Kong as of March 11, 2010.

hk google maps 3d

Photo: Google Maps.

In 2014, it was reported that 3D texture mapped buildings were being rolled out in Google Earth and Maps. New York City and San Francisco were the first cities to receive the 3D treatment.